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Eden Islands
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Eden Islands In Seychelles – The artificial paradise to have a luxury holiday

The land of wonders, Seychelles is one of the known places to travel by travellers. A hotspot for honeymooners, this place also gives places to explore for solo travellers. Seychelles has many beautiful places to actually explore more into. Seychelles has 115 different islands in it, is located 1500 km away from the east of mainland Africa. One of the best places to travel and explore through, Seychelles is a top pick for many travellers. Tourism is one of the major contributions to national income. So this is one of the most welcoming locations for the tourists. The culture of Seychelles itself is unique in particular. Seychelles is a multiethnic culture and society which will be quite exciting to watch while you visit the island. In this place, Eden Islands is worth the visit. here are some points to it.

Praslin in Seychelles
Praslin in Seychelles | P.C – Walkerssk from Pixabay

Eden Islands

The Eden islands are home to many stylish apartments, luxury villas and many more. It is a development that is located just off Mahe. This Island boasts a Deepwater marina in full-service in each residence in the resorts. This is a place where which is in the central location, makes it a convenient place to explore the islands in style. This place is safe for both the tourists and the permanent residents to live a luxurious, safe and in supreme comfort. Eden islands have it’s own secluded man-made beaches, restaurants, bars, gymnasiums and many more. One major attraction about this is that it is an artificially made island that is situated 3.5 km from Victoria Island. It has many secluded beaches where the tourists can chill out. One of the most famous hotels is a major attraction which is the Eden Bleu.

Eden Islands | P.C – Google Images

Properties on the Eden Islands

The Island holds some of the most unique properties. The design of the properties in the island holds was chosen to show out the natural surroundings and Seychelles ethnicity. From the Chinese red roofs to aqua, forest and sunset colour schemes, these were chosen to portray the colours and shades of the island. Choose your property with utmost scrutiny while choosing where to stay on this island. The luxury 3 bedroom apartments, six-bedroom apartments to the apartments have very beautiful architecture. These apartments have an Electrically powered vehicle, are fully air-conditioned and fully furnished kitchens. This artificially created island gives you a luxurious stay at the island.

Eden Island resorts in Seychelles
Eden Island resorts in Seychelles | P.C – Google Images

Cuisines in Eden Islands

This place has one of the unique cuisines set up to give a unique taste to the tourists. The cuisines give you tastes of ethnic and original Seychelles tastes. It has one of the best wine selection available on the island. You certainly will have to taste this as a part of an experience in Seychelles. Vlad’s bar here is one of the known places to hangout during sundown. If by chance you pass by this, there is a gang of restaurants you can select from to eat in. Known for its famous bar hopping, you can enjoy the taste of unique cocktails prepared. This is one of the best places to spend your holiday in.

Seychelles Cuisine
Seychelles Cuisine | P.C – Google Images

Seychelles is one of the places where people can spend their time in peace. You can enjoy nature’s beauty as well as sophisticated apartments and villas. Why wait when you can start planning your trip to Seychelles right away? You can customise your own itineraries in the Pickyourtrail website by yourself and also with the help of an expert opinion. Check the website constantly to read more travel-related blogs.Explore different countries with the International tour packages on PickYourTrail

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