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Eiffel Tower Restaurants
Written by Arundhati Toshniwal on December 28, 2021 Share on

Eiffel Tower Restaurants – Dining with the French

Whenever someone visits Paris, Eiffel Tower is number one on their to-do list! It is the greatest landmark of the City of Lights. This marvel was built in 1888 by architect Gustave Eiffel, hence getting its name, The Eiffel Tower. It is the most iconic monument of Paris and no doubt, you will be impressed by its size and greatness. It is 324 meters tall, 125 meters wide and weighs over ten thousand tonnes and has 1665 stairs. You can climb them if you want or else take a lift; this is what most people do! In this spectacular metal structure, there are 3 amazing Eiffel Tower restaurants that offer exquisite views and outstanding cuisines.

The restaurants are – Le 58 Tour Eiffel, Le Jules Verne, and Champagne Bar. Have this great opportunity to dine atop one of the world’s favourite landmarks. Savour a traditional French meal while watching the sunlight bounce off the metallic lattice. You will surely enjoy this moment with your loved ones and it will be an unforgettable memory. Capture some amazing pictures with scenic views in your background! Know everything you need to know about the Eiffel Tower restaurants by scrolling down!

Eiffel Tower Timings

Mid-June to Early September

  • Elevator access timings – 9:00 AM – 12:45 AM (last elevator ride – 11:00 PM)
  • Stair access follows the same timings

Rest of the year

  • Elevator access timings – 9:30 AM – 11:45 PM (last elevator ride – 10:30 PM)
  • Stair access timings – 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM

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Eiffel Tower Restaurants

  1. Le 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant
  2. Le Jules Verne Restaurant
  3. Champagne Bar Eiffel Tower

1. Le 58 Tour Eiffel

Le 58 Tour Eiffel is on the tower’s first level and is popular among the locals. It is open for lunch, dinner or a glass of Champagne. The restaurant offers a chic atmosphere and picnic-style as well as traditional style cuisine. This restaurant is temporarily closed and getting renovated but soon it will be back to the business with a bang! Have a picturesque view of the Trocadéro and the Palais de Chaillot from the restaurant’s open terrace. The Michelin chefs are very good in their job and known for their modern, simple yet flavourful cuisine.  This restaurant compared to the other two is a bit more affordable.

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Eiffel Tower Restaurants
Source – Pixabay

2. Le Jules Vernes

Le Jules Vernes Restaurant is set atop the Eiffel Tower on the second floor. You will definitely have an exclusive gourmet experience. The meal is prepared by a three-star chef, Frédéric Anton. The guests enjoy a naturally bright, sophisticated and classy ambience during the day and by night it changes into a sensual ambience. Enjoy the best view in the entire city while enjoying the food. Have unique culinary experiences unlike anywhere else in the world.

Some parts of the restaurant are getting renovated which will be inspired by the elegance of French decorative art. Le Jules Vernes offers a luxurious dining experience and is quite an expensive affair. A 3-course lunch menu is especially available on weekdays and the cost starts at €105 per person, whereas a 5-course meal starts at €190 per person and a 6-course meal starts at €230 per person. This restaurant is very strict regarding the dress code. Only semi-formals and formal attire are allowed here, no t-shirts, shorts, and sportswear are allowed.

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Le Jules Vernes
Source – Pixabay

3. Champagne Bar Eiffel Tower

Champagne Bar is tucked in 276m on top of the Eiffel Tower. It offers vintage champagne from all around the world with an extravagant view of the city. Spend your evening here and make it glorious. A glass of champagne here costs around €15 to € 23. This cosy bar gives you a taste of luxury with a world-class view. The menu of this bar includes a lavish collection of champagnes and tasty snacks. The bar has no particular dress code imposed and you can wear casual elegant attire to look comfortable yet polished.

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Eiffel Tower Restaurants
Source – Pixabay

About Eiffel Tower Restaurants – Pros and Cons

The Pros:

1. Skip-the-Line

The Eiffel Tower is one of the popular tourist attractions, which results in a lot of rush, waiting in lines for hours and so on! Booking a meal at the Eiffel Tower comes with a huge perk as you can skip the long entry and go directly into the tower. Every restaurant has its own elevator which is reserved for the restaurant visitors, which means no more waiting and you can skip the line!

2. Luxury Dining Experience

The restaurants offer the best view in all of Paris while you are enjoying authentic French cuisine. The food in both restaurants is prepared by Michelin star chefs and their highly talented team. Get ready to be impressed by traditional as well as international dishes.

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3. A Memory Forever

Dining at the Eiffel Tower, the thought itself is so mesmerizing! Enjoy the moment with your loved ones, capture some moments on your mobile phone and also do not forget to post them on your social media accounts.

Eiffel Tower Restaurants
Source – Pixabay

The Cons:

1. Limited Availability

Reservations are filled up in advance, so, you have to plan it way before. If you are not sure and visit on an impromptu plan, it is very sure that you will not get a table.

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So, next time visiting Paris, add one of three Eiffel Tower restaurants into your itinerary. Enjoy the mesmerizing 360 views of the love city while enjoying the French cuisine or sipping champagne. Check out Pickyourtrail for brilliant deals on Paris travel packages. You can also customise your France itinerary and enjoy your holiday as you want. See you soon – à bientôt!!!

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