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Emirates Airline Cable Car: Ride above London city

Emirates Airline Cable Car
Credits: Flick

The Emirates Air Line is a cable car that rides above the River Thames in Greenwich. the 1km journey gives passengers panoramic views of the city of London from an altitude of up to 90m (295ft). This unforgettable experience is the best way to see London city as a whole and not to mention, the easiest way for one to travel from Greenwich Peninsula to Royal Docks.


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Enjoy this ride that showcases unbelievable views of the Thames Barrier, the high-rises of Canary Wharf and the majestic Olympic Park, the ten-minute cable car ride starts from down south of the River Thames in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and lands in the entertainment hub of the O2 arena where you can easily spend an evening without noticing time going by as it has numerous bars, a cinema, concert halls, nightclubs, restaurants and cafes to explore.

The two terminals, Emirates Royal Docks and Emirates Greenwich Peninsula terminals, which are available at the Emirates have many facilities to keep passengers comfortable and entertained which include bars, bistros, restaurants, and cafes and are located near and about the two terminals

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Emirates Airline Cable Car
Credits: Wikimedia

How to board the Emirates Airline Cabin Car?

Emirates Airline Cabin Car is not covered in the travel card. The customers who want to ride the Emirates Air Line have to purchase the ticket or should buy the Oyster pass which includes the ride. The Emirates Air Line has three types of passes- the single pass is the one which allows the traveller to make a one-way trip on the Emirates Air Line cable car. The second type is the return pass is open for customers who want a return journey on Airline on a day of purchase. There are often many discounts and offers on this ride, PickYourTrail travel consultants will be able to guide you at the time of booking this joyride.

Want a special private cabin all to yourselves?

Tourists can opt for the option of private cabins for 90 pounds which allows a maximum of ten people in one cabin and is a continuous return journey from one terminal to another. This is a great option for couples especially to spend some quality romantic time while watching over the gorgeous view of the city in its entirety. However, this is subject to availability and is definitely not available during peak hours.

All-inclusive cable car!

All cable car cabins are wheelchair friendly and can accommodate up to two bikes.

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1 October – 31 March:
Monday – Friday: 7am – 8pm
Saturday: 8am – 8pm
Sunday: 9am – 8pm

1 April – 30 September:
Monday – Friday: 7am – 9pm
Saturday: 8 am – 9 pm
Sunday: 9 am – 9 pm

The timings will be extended only on days when local events are lined up.

Excited to visit London and see all of its stunning attractions? The Emirates airline cable car is one of the top attractions of London city. Book your London trip with PickYourTrail soon to experience the beauty of London city like no other.


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