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Epic filming locations of Dunkirk you shouldn’t miss spotting in the theatres- Totally No Spoilers!

From building a different world of dreams-within-dreams-within-dreams to defining how to make a superhero movie to taking us on an adventurous space exploration, like never before, Christopher Nolan is a pure genius who isn’t scared to get his hands on any genre. His latest obsession was to create a World War II movie that shows the story of a massive 1940 military evacuation. And he has executed it to perfection.

Premiered in London on 13th July 2017, Dunkirk has been receiving a lot of positive response from both the audience and the critics, which is not new for Nolan. But, as reports have it, Nolan has hit new heights with Dunkirk and we might be looking at the potential Oscar winner. Fingers crossed guys!

With so much being talked about the movie, are you not interested in knowing where Dunkirk was filmed?! Personally, after seeing the pictures, I am really surprised how much they can do with a location.  And don’t worry, there are absolutely zero spoilers.

Dunkirk Film Locations

1. Dunkirk – France

The most interesting thing about Dunkirk is, most parts of the movie got filmed in the same exact location where the real historical evacuation happened, during the end of May and early June during 1940. On top of that, the shooting was scheduled around the same time of the year, as the director felt it will give a sense of what it was like. Obsessive much? It’s Nolan for Christ’s sake.

The pictures are from the beaches and the harbor of Dunkirk, in the northeastern France. And the ship images seen are of real naval destroyers.

2. Swanage – United Kingdom

Next stop, Swanage in the United Kingdom. The coastal town in the south of Dorset is one of the increasingly popular tourist destinations and guess what the town’s railway station is where Harry Styles was first captured. Train services running from Swanage and Corfe Castle were stopped for two days. Apparently, hundreds of fans gathered at the outside of the station to get autographs from Harry Styles. With Swanage Railway management’s help, the shooting went perfectly.

The pictures are from Swanage Railway station.

3. Urk – Netherlands

Moving from the UK to Netherlands, we have the fishing village of Urk that was featured in the film. A fleet of boats and props, including a British bomber, reached the harbor of Urk, said a Dutch newspaper. Harry Styles along with the other film crew were seen soaked in mud & blood, speeding away in a boat.

The pictures are from the Urk harbor.

4. Weymouth – United Kingdom

One more UK location where Dunkirk was filmed in is the seaside town of Weymouth. Decorated with colorful huts and Gregorian-style houses, Weymouth underwent a huge transformation in the sets of Dunkirk. If you see the trailer closely, you will find the award-winning actor Mark Rylance rescuing the stranded soldiers in his wooden boat. That is in Weymouth.

The pictures show the various locations of Weymouth in where Dunkirk was filmed.

Running successfully in the theatres, Dunkirk is an iconic film that will teleport you to the historic event as it happened in 1940. Book your tickets now and go check out the movie in theatres.

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