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An Adventure Addict’s 7 Essentials

Those of us who are wild at heart need to be out in nature as often as possible. This means camping, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, trail running, hunting and plenty more types of adventures.

Each of these requires its own specific gear and equipment, but there are a few essential items that every type of adventurer needs in their arsenal. Here are some of the most important ones. 

A Power Source

Staying connected when we’re out roughing it is pretty important. We need to stay in touch with our loved ones and be able to make contact if we end up in trouble. For this to be possible, we need our devices on full charge. 

Especially if you enjoy camping regularly, investing in something like a portable generator will seriously upgrade your experience. 

A High-Quality Backpack

The type of backpack you need will depend on the activities you take part in most frequently, but the point stands that a good quality bag is essential.

Your backpack needs to be durable and hold all your essentials for long hikes, hunting or fishing trips, camping, etc. It should be comfortable to wear, not too heavy and waterproof is always a bonus! 

Serious Footwear

All adventure travellers need the right shoes for the job. Again, it’s best to pick a pair that is suited to the types of activities you love.

Your shoes should be durable and sturdy as well as comfortable and they need to protect your feet and ankles, especially if you do a lot of walking. Hikers will need shoes with good grip and ankle support whilst campers might not need to worry about this. 

A First-Aid Kit

Emergency healthcare should form part of your camping essentials, and needs to be kept in your backpack even if you’re just going on a quick hike.

Think bandages, gauze, disinfectant, painkillers, and any other ointments or medications you might need in an emergency. 

A Weather-Proof Jacket

Investing in outdoor-appropriate attire is pretty important if you find yourself adventuring more and more frequently.

A good start is a weather-proof jacket. These will keep you warm, dry and insulated in cold and wet weather, so they’re perfect for outdoor trips to just about anywhere. 

Sunscreen and a Hat

Protecting yourself from the sun when you’re spending extended periods outdoors is crucial. Your skin is technically your largest organ, and it needs to be taken care of.

Sun protection comes down to more than just wrinkles though – skin cancer is a serious risk and this is why protection should be taken seriously. If you will be spending time in the sun, then sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses are all important. 

An Insulated Water Bottle

Finally, you’ll need to stay hydrated, especially if you’re out in the sun. On a trail or a fishing trip, you might not have access to fresh, clean water, so you’ll need to bring along a large enough supply.

A big insulated water bottle will keep your water cold and fresh for hours at a time, helping you stay hydrated and refreshed.