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Etihad Museum in Dubai: Knowing about Dubai’s History

Dubai is synonymous with conglomerates, skyscrapers, crude oil, wealth, a dazzling city embedded with lights, sheikhs, biriyani, and whatnot. Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has fast grown from a barren land to a metropolitan city that offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle, that garners a plethora of tourists every year. The rich and glamorous place that Dubai is now, had a very humble beginning. The 7 Emirate states of the UAE started with trade and exchange, and later that flourished leading to the prosperity of the states, especially Dubai.

UAE flat with Etihad Museum in background
Image credits: Wikimedia

What people generally tend to forget, or what slips people’s minds is the fact that Dubai as a travel destination not only best experiences to offer, but it also has spots that are ingrained with history, culture, and tradition. And one top museum in Dubai is the Etihad Museum. The Etihad Museum also called The Union House, is the place where the 7 rulers of the 7 Emirates met together in the meeting room of The Union House and together declared the formation of the United Arab Emirates. The museum engagingly covers the parts dating from the birth of UAE to the discovery of oil which turned out to be the game-changer, to what the UAE is at the current day.

Etihad Museum, Dubai
Image credits: Wikimedia

About the Etihad Museum

The Etihad Museum, opened in 2017, is a museum that showcases anything and everything about UAE, right since its inception in 1971. The primary significant event that happened here is the signing of the Constitution of the United Arab Emirates and the raising of the first United Arab Emirates flag. This museum is spread over a massive area of 25,000 square meters and was designed by Canadian architects Moriyama and Teshima. The shape of the iconic building is inspired by the shape of the constitution, thus leading to its unique white-curved roof.

The museum is located at 1 Jumeirah St, Dubai, and is open all seven days of the week between 10 am – 8 pm.

The entry fee is 25 AED per adult, 20 AED per adult if visiting in a group, 10 AED for students, and free of cost for child and people with determination.

Cafe near Etihad Museum
Image credits: Wikimedia

Attractions in and near the Etihad Museum

The Etihad Museum houses several exhibitions that showcase the history of UAE, with both permanent and temporary exhibitions throughout the year. There is a library which has wide collections and resources, a theatre, and a very unique and interesting interactive timeline that features maps and educational videos, and a recreational place for the visitors to relax. The interactive programs are a top highlight considering how user-friendly and useful it is.

There are several key spots that you must visit when you are in and around the Etihad Museum.

Image credits: Wikipedia

1. Union House Flag

The second-largest flag in the United Arab Emirates, this 110-meter tall pole is located right beside the museum and is easily visible for people entering or exiting the museum. This is one of the top photographed spots in the museum.

2. Traditional Spice Market

What is a Dubai tour without a visit to the spice market and loading yourself with Dubai’s finest spices? Visit the Spice Market located in the vicinity of the museum, and take a walk through this street of charm. Purchase authentic Dubai spices at an affordable cost, and relish the local delicacies along the street as you head back.

3. Boating Point

Exploring the skyscrapers from the streets of Dubai is an experience, and viewing them from the waters is a completely different experience altogether. Take up a boat ride through the waters of Dubai at a very affordable cost, which is definitely value for your money and time. Don’t forget to click amazing photos of the buildings – this is your best chance to up your Instagram game!

What best way to learn about the origins and roots of how the UAE and its 7 emirates had formed then a visit to the Etihad Museum? Immerse yourself in this educational tour, which is quite engaging for people of all age groups, right from senior citizens to small kids. The word Etihad means ‘Union’ in Arabic, and this is well and truly a place to demonstrate the unity of the seven Emirates. Be it the elegant design of the museum, monumental entrance, marvellous architecture, galloping galleries, sweeping white marble staircase, you name it, the Etihad Museum is ready to sweep you off your feet with its beauty and grandeur.

There are eight expansive permanent pavilions in the building, each housing a different educational and showcasing experience. So, What are you waiting for? Pack your bags to take that long-awaited trip to Dubai carefully curated by Pickyourtrail to experience Dubai in all its glory like never before!

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