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Ask Me Anything on Europe

Do you believe that a trip can change your life? At Pickyourtrail, we truly believed that and that is the reason we started out, three years ago. And in three years, we have sent out more than 5000 people from across 14 countries on their dream vacations. We’ve had quite a few insights in these years as to how people plan their travel.

For most Indians, Europe probably tops the bucket list. While dreaming about Europe comes easy, planning a Euro trip doesn’t come easy. Starting with how one gets a Schengen visa and how many countries does it entitle you to explore. Seasons to visit, countries to explore and even how to hop between countries? You may have also heard that Europe is an expensive destination for vacations, is that true? What are the ideal places to stay?

We hear you! Typically a traveller spends days sifting through more than 30 different websites to find the answers to these questions. We’ll save you that trouble.

We got together our resident experts to Europe – Adharsh Arulalan and Agni Kirupha, to answer such questions!


An Ask-Me-Anything session live on our Facebook page. 

Adharsh and  Agni will be live on our Facebook page at 11 am on 1st July, Saturday. All you need to do is,

  1. Log in to Facebook
  2. Go to our facebook page
  3. Type away your questions for our experts to answer

It’s as simple as that! No need to spend hours and hours on internet researching.


Meet our travel experts:

Adharsh Arulalan: 

When it comes to the perfect mix of luxury & budget travel – Adharsh is the man. Someone who is ready to pack his bags, to quench his thirst, for new destinations & cuisines! Most recent explorations being from his recent hikes at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland and along the Mediterranean Coast in Cinque Terre, he is our go-to-guy to have a chat with for offbeat places.

Agni Kirupha:

Agni is the spontaneous traveller. Never one for organized tours. Loves DIY interesting trips. Reason why he’s at Pickyourtrail! Croatia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Agni has been there done that. His next travel goals – Everest Base Camp Trek and a bicycle trip in Europe. Agni is who you should be talking to if you want the best Europe experience!


Date: 1st July, Saturday

Time: 11 am

RSVP here!


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