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Under – Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant is Open in Norway

From dazzling Christmas markets to architectural ruins to adventure getaways to haunted places, Europe has everything to its name. But, surprisingly enough while Maldives, Dubai, and the United States have their own share of underwater restaurants, Europe doesn’t have any. Or at least till now, it did not.

The wait is now over, as an internationally acclaimed Norweigan architecture firm – Snøhetta has unveiled plans to build Europe’s first underwater restaurant in Norway.


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Half submerged resting directly on the seabed five metres below, Under resembles a ‘sunken ship’ as well a ‘periscope’. Set to be built in the village of Båly in southern Norway, the underwater restaurant will be a three-level structure – entrance & wardrobe, a champagne bar, and the main restaurant.

Named ‘Under’ which in Norweigan also translates to ‘Wonder’, the underwater restaurant will get you close to the Norweigan coastal life than ever before!

underwater restaurant
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The entrance of the restaurant is set at the water’s edge and is made of locally sourced oak, which is expected to turn grey as time progresses, blending with the rest of the concrete hue. While the guests walk on the trail leading to the restaurant, they can read through the informational plaques mounted along the way to understand more about the Norweigan coastline and the marine diversity.

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underwater restaurant
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Champagne bar housed one level down will carry a subtle design, in harmony with the coastal elements of shells, sand, and rocks. From there, the guests can then head to the seabed level dining room in the final level painted in blue and green, inspired by the seaweed, seabed, and the sea.

underwater restaurant
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Based on a menu which revolves around seafood and locally sourced meat & vegetables, the gastronomic experience on offer in the restaurant is nothing short of brilliance. As you take in the bite of the delicious food prepared by famous chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard, gaze at the exotic sea life through the 36-foot long panoramic window. That is every bit of Norway, you will need.

underwater restaurant
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The concrete walls of the structure are thick enough to withstand the pressure and the shock from the rough conditions of the North Sea. The outer shell of the restaurant will also have a coarse surface for the mussels to cling on; which the management believes will turn into an artificial mussel reef over time. The restaurant also has plans of inviting research scholars in the future to study marine biology and fish behaviour around the restaurant to optimize the conditions for the fishes to thrive on.

Aesthetically appealing with sustainable build elements, Under can host 80-100 guests at a time and is totally one-of-a-kind. Under is expected to open somewhere around in 2018. This is the restaurant’s official website that looks just as amazing as the restaurant itself promises to be.

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