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Staycation: Everything you need to know about this safe travel trend

What is a Staycation?

A Staycation is a relatively new mode of vacation where the travellers park themselves at a hotel within driving distance of their home to relax and unwind. The idea is to spend quality time with one’s family, friends or partner in the comforts of a plush property and by indulging in leisurely activities that take your mind off of your routine. The best part? Room service! Let the hotel staff spoil you with Breakfast in Bed or prepare a bubble bath for you and your partner or host a candlelight dinner in the verandah under a sky full of stars—the opportunities are endless!


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Why is Staycation trending right now?

With COVID-19 bringing the world to a halt and playing spoilsport to everyone’s travel plans for a major part of the year, Staycation is being looked up to as the ‘Next Big Thing’ in the travel space. Industry influencers like Lonely Planet, Conde Nast Traveller and Forbes have already placed their bets on Staycation as the ‘saviour’ for travellers in 2020.

Staycations are the relatively safe travel options at present thanks to minimum movement, elevated safety & hygiene standards, and comparatively less physical contact with strangers involved in the entire experience. It is increasingly being looked upon as a means to travel without compromising on one’s health and safety while enjoying the full benefits of a holiday break. 


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Top 5 reasons why you need to go on a Staycation right now!

1. Let’s face it, Staycation is our best shot at travel in 2020!

Most countries have drawn shutters to leisure travel or non-essential travel right now. The reopening process is well under way thanks to COVID-19 response being stable in many parts of the world, but mandatory quarantine upon arrival and the possibility of important attractions staying closed only makes international travel look bleak on the horizon. Our choices are limited to domestic travel, especially to places closer to our homes that are least affected by the changing pandemic climate.

2. Staycation = More Savings

While businesses around the world received a major blow due to COVID-19 related crisis, thousands of people either lost their jobs or took massive pay-cuts, forcing them to tighten their purse strings when it comes to splurging on vacations or holiday breaks. Staycations come to the rescue of such travellers by cutting down the cost of air travel, visa, and local transfer. Additionally, the global lockdown has nudged travellers around the world to retrospect on their travel behaviour and the cons of mass tourism on local communities. Interestingly, Staycations emerge as a healthier solution to ecological problems created by mainstream tourism.

3. Staycations are relatively safe

If the world’s longest lockdown has taught us anything, it has to be the perspective shift about travel as a luxury to travel as a necessity. The four walls fortify the need to take a break once in a while and “get out there.” But in any case, travel is supposed to eliminate the stress from our lives and in no way should it be the other way around. Does this sit well with you? Enter Staycations! You can book your Staycation not so far from your home/hometown in certified hotels/resorts that are safe and COVID-proof. You can drive down in your own vehicle minimising social contact and what else, the holiday that’s supposed to make your life better will continue to be the same.

4. Staycations can never ‘go wrong’

One good thing about staycations is, you need not mull about the planning process like that long-awaited Paris vacation, nor do you have to worry about the trip getting cancelled. The evolving assessments of COVID situation by individual states or the wavering announcements of airlines resuming/halting services don’t stand a chance in wrecking your staycation and right now, it’s the most important news we needed. It’s no different than a home away from home; only fancier and refreshing. There’s nothing to plan beforehand other than zeroing on a stay and means of transport. You would’ve never been more relaxed before a trip.

5. Staycations are not about ‘settling for less’,

Yes, staycations don’t promote ‘settling for less’. Have you ever tried a digital detox vacation? You wouldn’t have since it’s impossible to resist a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower or while sky-diving in Australia. Staycations put us in a rather obligatory situation to choose less sight-seeing and outdoors in crowded places. You need not follow the clock, and you can experience whatever you’re experiencing at a rather slow pace. On a Staycation, you might as well appreciate slowing down this time and falling in love with the idea of an unhurried vacation break.

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