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The Experience of Diving at Maldives Manta Point

What is Diving?

Let us start with the absolute basics. Google defines diving as an activity of exploring underwater, while that is accurate that is the action of what you will be doing, to understand the real meaning of Scuba Diving you would have to ask someone who is lucky to have had an experience of underwater exploration. More often than not, first-time divers are left in a very emotional state or even may end up in tears after their experience, yes, exactly like Hrithik Roshan in ZNMD.


People who have had an experience give an entirely different definition than google. The divine experience where you hear your heartbeat when you listen closely, no matter how much work you put in, your heartbeat will be calm and composed. Blue all around you, the view of beautiful marine life keeping you company, the surrounding underwater is so quiet that you hear your own thoughts. There are things that you do that will define you, or will give you a new perspective in life, Diving without a doubt is one such experience.

Manta Points. What are they?

Manta Rays are very beautiful giant creatures that are a very integral part of marine life in the Maldives. They are creatures that are very beautiful to watch especially due to its mesmerizing body shape, divers will love it. Wait, Did Ed Sheeran write that song after Manta Rays? We’ll never know. These places around the Maldives where the divers get to swim in the presence of the creatures are called Manta Points.

These are sites around the Maldives where there are consistent approaches of the Giants, these sites also known as cleaning stations are the points where divers can see and swim with these beautiful creatures.

One such example of the Manta Points are located in the North Male Atoll, the resorts in the northern part Maldives take their divers to this location.

How to reach the Manta Points?

The resorts in the Maldives are located in Private Islands, These islands are accessible through speedboats and domestic flights. In the resort, there are slot timings for Scuba Diving that have to be booked.

The resort will take their divers to the nearest Manta Point, through a speedboat. A brief instruction will be given post which it is Scuba time !.

Are there Training sessions?

Yes, for first-time divers it is compulsory to attend the classes. Backbenchers! This is one class no one should bunk. There will be a training session where the instructor will provide basic rules and signs underwater. She/he will show you the equipment that will be carried underwater.

Post the theory session, the divers will be taken to a training pool or to a low depth area where there is actual practice before heading on to the big blue sea.

What is the cost of Diving in Maldives Resorts?

The cost of the diving may vary depending upon the resort, but the average cost is around 150-250 dollars per person, which includes the training sessions, the transfer to the manta point from the resort and 50 minute underwater exploration experience.

The experience of underwater exploration in the Maldives is one of a lifetime and is highly recommended, which makes it worth every penny.

What is the ideal season?

The best season for diving in the Maldives is around November to May. All through the climate in the Maldives all round the year is very pleasant, This particular season will have the clearest water and is recommended.

Are there any guidelines that should be followed?

Absolutely, there are guidelines that should be followed by the divers in Manta Points.

These codes of conduct are given by various environmentalists to conserve the ecology of the location.

It is just as important to be responsible as much as have fun. – This website gives a very professional set of instructions and guidelines that will help get an incredible experience while being responsible.

Also, it is important to remember that Scuba diving should be taken a day after and before flight travel.

Are the Manta Rays dangerous?

The Manta Rays pose no threat to divers, they are very curious creatures that may swim around the divers. Although they are harmless, it is best advisable to keep a distance of 10 meters. These creatures are beautiful and deserve to be left undisturbed. The Giants may sometimes come up to surface, diving up with a dramatic entry, in that case, do not be alarmed, they do it to get rid of parasites living in their body.

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The Experience of Lifetime awaits

People throughout their lives get carried away with hectic things like work, they are subjected to routines so much that new experiences have become scary. Someone once said, “The highest of the peaks and the deepest of the oceans were created because God wants us to see them”. One such experience is Diving at Manta Point. Take time to visit this place, to swim with the giants, to hear your thoughts underwater. Experiences like this will give a very wide perspective on life itself. Book your Maldives package or maldives honeymoon package from india for an undeniably beautiful experience.

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