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Parisien Covered Passages
Written by Rhea Alex on May 22, 2020 Share on

Experience the Unique Charm of the ‘Parisian Covered Passages’

If you’re a first time visitor to Paris and are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the mainstream city, a walk through the quaint covered passages of Paris has its own charm to it.

Tourists from across the globe visit these passages and experience the beauty of the shops, boutiques, and lovely pathways. If you’re a visitor to the Parisian streets – you’re sure to fall in love with the undeniable beauty and splendour of the passages. Right from the way the streets run, to the variety of small tiny shops, to the culture of the people – it all takes you back to a time that most definitely transcends time. Tourists always come back with memories that they then eventually pass on to generations down the line and cherish with smiles on their faces.

These passages were built in the early 19th century, within the buildings as shortcuts from one street to another. Each of these covered passages let tourists enjoy the rays of sunlight as they seep through the beautiful glass ceilings of the passages. Offering a diverse and large variety of clothing stores to French restaurants, the covered passages have them all!

Galerie Vivienne

Galerie  Vivienne
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Inaugurated under the direction of Francois-Jacques Delannoy,’ in 1826; the ‘Galerie  Vivienne,’ remains one of the most prettiest covered passages you will find in the city. The ever beautiful ‘Mosaic,’ created by Giandomenico Facchina – gives the place a unique charm.

Tourists enjoy an extraordinary view and also have the option to do a little shopping within the passage. The stores in this particular passage are filled with luxury brands such as ‘Jean-Paul Gaultier,’ and are sure to blow a hole through your wallet. So if you’re on a budget, you may want to avoid shopping while at the ‘Galerie Vivienne.’

If you’re into luxury and love your collection of intrigue souvenirs, this is just the street for you. The streets are filled with a view that’s sure to take you back into time immemorial. With every corner screaming luxury, a classic touch – that transcends you into time, this passage is a must-visit for those of you looking to buy an expensive item or two. The collection at the boutiques available on the passage is exquisite and cannot be undermined in any fashion. The streets are surreal and aesthetically just right, thus getting you into the mood to burn a hole through your wallet as well.

Passage des Panoramas

Passage des Panoramas
Image Credit – Google Images

Opened in 1798, the ‘Passage des Panoramas,’ is one of the oldest covered passages in Paris today. Most of the original facades of the Barrie stores in this passage have been kept over time, thus giving the passage a charm of the past.

The ‘Passage des Panoramas,’ is very popular amongst stamp collectors; so whether you’re an avid stamp collector or not – adding a stamp or two as your Parisian souvenir is a probable option. The passage gives tourists the collection of stamps they’ve dreamt of, with a large variety of antique collections that have been passed on from generation to generation, over the years. Tourists are sure to find almost every stamp they have in mind, along the streets of this passage. The shop keepers as well, are extremely friendly in nature and offer the best of service to tourists.

These streets have been renowned to be one of the best in the world for their collection of stamps. So if you’re an avid stamp collector, be sure to drop in at this passage and be surprised at the enormity of stamp collection, at your disposal.

Passage Jouffroy

Passage Jouffroy
Image Credit – Google Images

Having a classic yet modern architectural approach, the ‘Passage Jouffroy,’ was constructed in 1845 – immediately after the establishment of the ‘Passage des Panoramas.’ The covered passage was the first among all the other passages to be built only with glass and metal.

Tourists can also pay a visit to the famous, ‘Grevin Museum,’ wherein you can take selfies with your favourite wax statues. The ‘Passage Jouffroy,’ is also the perfect place for you to find an original gift to take back home. Be it the old book stores or the toy shops that sell wooden toys, small furniture, dollhouses, and old-fashioned dolls; these shops are sure to take you down memory lane and bring back some old memories.

If you’re looking for a shop or two to take you back in time, this is just the passage for you. Tourists find a number of small gifts and souvenirs in every nook and corner of the passage. Be it small furniture based items, antique Parisian souvenirs and so much more; you’ll find it all in this passage. The staff at the stores are friendly as well, offering their best service to ensure you’re provided with just the right item. Make sure to communicate what you’re looking for and they’ve most definitely got your back. So if you haven’t been to this side of town, you should definitely try it!

Passage Brady

Passage Brady
Image Credit – Google Images

Though the ‘Passage Brady,’ was constructed in the nineteenth century; the spirit and atmosphere of this covered passage cannot be compared to the other passages. The vibrant and bright colours, coupled with the amazing effervescence of the delicious food – ensures you forget your Parisian vibes as you walk through this ‘Indian Passage.’

There are a number of Indian restaurants and so if you’re an Indian food enthusiast; the ‘Passage Brady,’ is a must-visit. You could also drop by the ‘Velan Grocery Shop,’ which sells all the Indian spices and specialties that you may need to cook up a delicious Indian meal.

The food at these Indian restaurants are mouth-watering and is sure to leave you drooling for more. This is a must-visit passage for any Indian in Paris, craving some homely food and unsure of where to go.

We at Pickyourtrail would love to craft a Paris tour package that you’re sure to cherish for a long time to come. What’s stopping you from taking that first step? Go on a happy little walk through the covered passages. Start planning and Happy Travelling!

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