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Alserkal Avenue
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Explore Alserkal Avenue like never before!

About Alserkal Avenue

If you’re an art enthusiast and truly appreciate some of the best works of art, the ‘Alserkal Avenue,’ is undoubtedly one of the best places for you to head towards. This epic art landscape gives tourists an opportunity to experience and explore some great artwork in Dubai. It was in the year 2008, that an Emirati businessman named ‘Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Alserkal,’ came about with a revolutionary viewpoint of bringing together art. It was solely on this basis that art and culture from across the world were bound on this very platform. 

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The ‘Alserkal Avenue,’ gives artists an opportunity to not just exhibit their exceptional artwork but also to promote it against a much larger audience. The artwork is viewed and appreciated by tourists from across cultures and borders. Taking it one step beyond, the ‘Alserkal Avenue,’ also provides for a number of design studios, for the framing and production of some of the artwork displayed within the gallery. 

This famous avenue is found located alongside a warehouse that has been revamped in the ‘Al Quoz district,’ thus giving it a rather interesting and quirky look. What’s most amazing and distinct about the ‘Alserkal Avenue,’ is that the place houses a venue that can transform into almost anything.

The adaptable structure has turned into a space for concerts, fashion events, art events,  exhibitions, performing arts and so much more. This, in turn, has given the avenue a unique twist and a memorable ambience for repeated tourists and guests that hit the floor. Some of the famous events in Dubai – Majlis Talks, Dubai Art Week and many more such events, are all hosted right here. 

The  ‘Alserkal Avenue,’ also goes beyond all of the above and provides ventures/opportunities for folks to be part of their free road trips. These journeys take place all throughout the UAE and are filled with a number of cultural initiatives, screenings, performances and so on. 

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How to Reach Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenue
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Found situated about 22.5 kilometres away from the ‘Dubai International Airport,’ and with a travel time of approximately 25 minutes, the ‘Alserkal Avenue,’ is located at quite a distance. The most convenient and fastest way for tourists to reach the avenue is through the ‘Sheikh Zayed Road/ E11.’ 

Best Time to Visit Alserkal Avenue

One of the best times to visit the ‘Alserkal Avenue,’ remains between the months of November to March. This is easily one of the times that witnesses much lesser humidity and heat, owing to the onset of winter. Tourists should also keep in mind that a number of ‘Art Nights,’ are also held at the avenue every now and then. 

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What Not to Miss 


A theme-based gaming zone is what tourists can expect at the ‘HintHunt,’ arena. There are a wide array of distinct and considerably mind-boggling games at the venue, that force tourists to think out of the box and embrace logical thinking.

The ‘HintHunt,’ space requires some rather quick manoeuvring, with games such as the – Zen Room, Merry Mystery, Submarine Torpedo and so on. There are about eight escape rooms that are housed within this complex and can accommodate about 4-6 individuals at a time. 

Cartoon Art Gallery

Cartoon Art Gallery
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If you’re looking for animation based exhibitions or just some of the most amazing cartoons you’ll find, the ‘Cartoon Art Gallery,’ is just the place for you. The gallery is filled with a number of animators, illustrators, cartoon strips and art installations from across the world. 

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Antique Museum

Antique Museum
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

For those of you who have truly loved your visit to the ‘Alserkal Avenue,’ and would love to head back with some great souvenirs, the ‘Antique Museum,’ is the go-to place for you. Tourists can choose from a wide spread of options, with about thousands of artefacts –  attars, jewellery, textiles, Arabic style lamps, coffee sets and so much more; all made by the local artisans in the region. You could also understand the craft further by interacting with some of the artisans. 

Chillout Lounge

The ‘Chillout Lounge,’ is popularly referred to as the ‘Ice lounge,’ of Dubai and provides for one of the best ways to escape the scorching Dubai heat. Tourists making their way up to the lounge can witness some of the amazing illuminated portraits, chandeliers, seating, sculptures, iced walls and much more. The ‘ ‘Chillout Lounge,’ also provides for some of the tastiest of cocktails in town. 

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Things to Do 

Explore Art

Explore Art
Image Credit – Google Images

The ‘Alserkal Avenue,’ is yet another perfect place for art lovers to explore the greatest of contemporary and modern artwork, graffiti and even installations. Tourists can find artwork ranging across spectra,  from the –  Middle East, Europe, South Asia, North Africa and so on.

Shop for Antique Furniture

For those of you that have the love for all these furniture and beautiful, the ‘‘Alserkal Avenue,’ could give you just that with its antiques, furnishings, kitschy and most definitely one of a kind furniture paradise. Most of these pieces have either been restored or created themselves from the famous,‘Arwa Hafiz,’ who remains a Saudi artist in the region.

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See Watches like Never Before

See Watches like Never Before
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

The ‘ MB&F,’ at the ‘M.A.D Gallery,’ gives tourists an opportunity to witness some of the most exquisite and timeless Swiss Watch company pieces of all time. Not only do tourists get to catch a glimpse of them but they are also told the stories behind the place housing all of the quirky installations that make up for the varied parts of the watch.

Learn to Paint

The ‘Alserkal Avenue,’ has got to be the best place for those of you who love to paint and just create art. It is easily one of the most unique art creation centres you’ll find, that offers to teach folks a spot of painting – all by themselves. It equips you and provides you with all the basics you need to create something beautiful. 

Tourists are most definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to the plethora of amazing artwork that Dubai has on its cards. So what are you waiting for? We at ‘Pickyourtrail,’ would love to craft an amazing Dubai holiday package just for you. Let’s begin crafting your vacation today!

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