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Sapa Valley
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Your guide to the stunning rice terraces of the SaPa Valley

In the northern mountains of Vietnam, beautiful Sapa is located, a main town in the Muong Hoa Valley.  You will find local villages surrounded by Sapa. This part of the country is distinct and has a unique culture. On the outskirts of the town you will find rice paddies cut into craggy mountainsides that are covered in a delicate mist. If you like trekking then this is definitely the place to stop by. Thinking of visiting this beautiful valley as part of Vietnam tourism, here are the 15 Best Things To Do In Sapa:

Sapa In Vietnam
Image Credits: Pixabay

1. Get out into the local villages

Sapa is a collection of small local villages that are dotted around the mountains. This is the place to come if you want to experience rural cities of Vietnam and a glimpse of how people lived here for centuries.

2. Visit Sapa Museum

Sapa doesn’t have too many ‘attractions’ but one of the mainstream attractions that can’t be missed is the  Sapa Museum. This is the main place to come if you want to find the history and culture of the region. You can explore galleries displaying ethnic minorities of Vietnam.

3. Buy some local handicrafts

Sapa is known for its villages of local families, these families include the Dao, the Yay, the H’ mong, and the Phu La and these ethnic groups are known for making local handicrafts. When you travel to the villages you can witness the traditional weaving or carvings which make great souvenirs.

4. Go hiking

During the colonial period, Sapa started out life as a scenic hill station and people came here to escape the heat and to enjoy the scenery as sapa is covered in lush green hills. This is one of the best places to go hiking in Vietnam, you will also find glittering waterfalls and stunning valleys dotted with craggy caves.

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5. Have a drink at the Cafe in the Clouds

One of the great highlights is the chance to have a drink in one of the mountain bars, in the lush views. One of the most famous cafes is Cafe in the Clouds enjoying the mist across the eerie landscape and marveling at the emerald green valley. You can get a range of drinks from local to international dishes 

Sapa In Vietnam
Image Credits: Pixabay

6. Join a H’mong Sewing Class

The H’mong in Sapa is an indigenous group known for its sewing and weaving, you can visit Indigo Cat, one of the most famous craft stores in town. Here you can take a class taught by members of the local H’mong community to learn how to sew your own handicrafts or instead you can simply visit the shop to buy some souvenirs like beautiful textiles, local teas, and spices.

7. Hike Fan Si Pan

Fan Si Pan is the highest mountain in Indochina and is located 3,143 meters above sea level. The mountain is around 9 kilometres outside the center of Sapa and it can take a full week to get to the summit, it is an experience of a lifetime witnessing gorgeous views over Hoang Lien Son. You can also do some short treks. One of the highlights of trekking around Fan Si Pan is to see local flora and fauna. Enjoy the mountain view with your partner by booking a Vietnam honeymoon package.

8. Dine at Hill Station Signature Restaurant

During the colonial period, Sapa used to be a famous hill station, you can dine at Signature Restaurant, specializing in delicious H’Mong cuisine like pork with lime, trout wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in ash, try the local corn and rice wine, enjoying vistas across the valley.

9. Visit Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village is one of the oldest villages in the Sapa region and is known for being the home of the H’mong ethnic group. When travelers visit, they can learn about traditional techniques, a strong tradition of weaving and studying the H’mong culture is also practiced here.

10. Check out the barbecue restaurants

Vietnam is known for its delicious barbecued meats and is a welcome treat in the cold climes of Sapa. If you want to find a high concentration of barbecue stalls in Sapa then you need to head to D Phan Si, a number of simple joints are set up along the road. These stalls barbecue a range of meats including chicken, pork, and beef over hot coals and served with vegetables and rice wraps.

Sapa In Vietnam
Image Credits: Pixabay

11. Walk to Silver Waterfalls

Sapa is famous for its waterfalls and one of these is Silver Waterfalls, a collection of gushing cataracts that tower to a height of 200 meters. Located up the path from Silver Waterfalls is the Love Waterfall, which is a place that is steeped in local legend. Locals will tell you that fairies used to bathe in the waters and it is a long trek to both waterfalls but worth it for the pretty scenery.

12. Explore Fairy Cave

Another key attraction in Sapa is Fairy Cave, located a little way upstream from the Chay River. The cave looks like, as the name suggests, something out of a fairy tale and the scenery here is reminiscent of Halong Bay. The cave is said to be sacred in Vietnam and the mountain here is the perfect place to go for a swim at the end of a long trek.

13. Enjoy the pastries at Baguette and Chocolate

As a result of the influence of the French colonial period, in Vietnam, you are never far from baguettes and pastries. In Sapa, this comes housed in a former colonial villa serving a good breakfast. One of the best things about Baguette and Chocolate is that it employs disadvantaged youth from Sapa and trains them on how to cook.

14. Go boating on Sapa Lake

One of the main attractions in town is Sapa Lake and is just a 5-minute walk from the main church. This is a popular place to come for local families on the weekends to take in the beauty of Sapa. One of the great highlights of the lake is that you can rent a pedal boat and shoot over the glassy surface of the water and enjoy the sights.


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15. Visit Tram Ton Pass

If you want to see more of the scenery in Sapa then you need to head for the Sapa and Lai Chau road which then turns into the Tram Ton Pass. The pass stands at an elevation of 1900 meters, the highest pass in all of Vietnam. You will find a number of lookout points here with amazing views of the surrounding area and you can also combine a trip here with the nearby Silver Waterfall.

Village vietnam sapa bridge
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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