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Interesting facts about Gajner Palace in Bikaner, Rajasthan

The Gajner Palace in Bikaner is a gem in the Thar Desert. Built by Highness Maharaja Sir Ganga Singh of Bikaner on the shores of a lake, this majestic palace is spread over 6000 acres. The beauty of the palace is its fabulous setting and calm way of life. You can explore an environment of pleasant nature-walks, boat rides on the lake, sanctuary dinners and desert safaris. These are some of the interesting facts about Gajner Palace.

One of Rajasthan’s ‘must-visit world’, Gajner is just 30-minutes’ drive away from the city of Bikaner. The entrance fee is INR 100 per person. The Palace remains open for 24 hours a day. It usually takes two to three hours to explore the palace. Explore the nearby attractions of the Gajner palace during your visit to Bikaner.

Gajner Palace Wildlife Sanctuary
Credits – Wikimedia

Gajner Palace in Bikaner is a rich royal adobe of old that stood right near the Thar desert. One of the interesting facts about Gajner Palace is that it used to be a place where royal companies would stay in while on a hunting retreat for a few days and this has now been transformed into a luxury hotel. There is magnificent architecture, consisting of pillars and domes built with reddish construction material. The proof to the luxury of this place is that it attracts tourists from all over the world. It provides a beautiful lakeside view and a glimpse into the lifestyles of the glorious past. So, if you want that blend, this is the place you should ideally head to.

Gajner Palace: History

Gajner Palace interior
Credits – Wikimedia

Gajner Palace used to be a hunting lodge for Maharaja Ganga Singh and his family. Located on the banks of Gajner Lake, the palace is a major tourist attraction in Bikaner city. Covering more than 6,000 acres, this lavish place was used by the royal family to spend their weekends and other holidays at. Converted into a heritage hotel in 1976, this is an ideal getaway for those looking to enjoy a slice of luxury on their trip to Bikaner. Although the palace has been refurbished, all the major aspects of it are still gloriously old-fashioned to give guests an authentic feeling of being in Rajasthan.

Gajner Palace: Facts

Gajner Palace dance and shows
Credits – Wikimedia

The stunning Gajner Palace has now been converted into a gorgeous heritage hotel. The current owner of the Heritage Hotel is the HRH Group of Hotels. In the year 1976, the Palace was converted into an exclusive hotel. There are four wings in the hotel namely Dungar Niwas, Mandir Chowk, Gulab Niwas and Champa Niwas. Equipped with separate terraces and balconies, the hotel has 13 iconic suites that have been designed to preserve the grandeur of that period. From elegant furniture to elaborate detailing, the palace is a manifestation of royal tradition transformed into a palatial building.

Gajner Palace: How to Reach

Gajner Palace is one of the most famous attractions of Bikaner. Getting here is pretty easy, since it is located close to the Gajner railway station. The palace is nearly 3 kilometres away from the railway station. There are taxis available from right outside the station to take and drop you at the palace. You can also take an auto-rickshaw to get here.

If you planning to visit the Gajner Palace from the Bikaner city centre, then the best option to take is a taxi. Gajner Palace is nearly 33 kilometres away from Bikaner. It almost takes an hour to get here, depending on traffic. The best route to take from Bikaner is the Jaisalmer Road and NH11.

There are also several buses that you can board to get to Gajner Palace from Bikaner Junction. The journey takes nearly 3 hours and 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

Make sure to either spend a night here at the Gajner Palace or at a hotel nearby so that you don’t have to hurry yourself to return to Bikaner before exploring the palace to the fullest. If you do decide to spend the night here, it would be a great way to enjoy the hospitality and ambience of one of the richest places in Bikaner.

Gajner Palace: Entry Fees

The entry fee for visiting Gajner Palace is Rs 100 per person.

Gajner Palace: Timings

The Gajner Palace is open on all days from 9 am to 8 pm.

Gajner Palace: Tips

  • You should be prepared to see mounted heads of animals that had been killed by the Maharaja during his period.
  • Remember to take along a sunscreen if you plan to take a look at the gardens to avoid sunburns.
  • It gets really hot here, so make sure you carry and drink a lot of water and stay hydrated.
  • Rajasthan is a very hot city year-round. Choose a time when you can have the most pleasant visit. Preferably, early in the morning or in the evening once the sun starts to set.
  • Given it is a heritage building, do not to pollute the surroundings.
  • Wear a light and comfy attire depending on the season you are travelling.
  • There are several pleasant rooms available within the premises.
  • Do not forget to visit the famous Gajner wildlife sanctuary nearby.
  • Food that Gajner Palace serves will be a substitute for heaven. Do not miss it.
  • There are shows in the evening which are a must-see.
  • Go shopping at the original stalls, the craft selection is excellent.
  • Do not forget to visit the other attractions in Bikaner such palaces, forts and temples.

Gajner Palace: Best time to visit

Gajner Palace
Credits – Wikimedia

The best time to visit is generally from late October to late February or early March. Summers are not ideal because of the extreme heat and you might feel uncomfortable and get dehydrated easily. On the other hand, monsoons are irritating because sometimes sudden showers prevent sightseeing.


Gajner Palace situated in Bikaner is a place perfect for old time history of royalty, and a real-time experience of such lavish comfort. It has antique sections inside, and you can go shopping or ride camels nearby. Amazed with so many interesting facts about Gajner Palace? You can read up on more information on tourist attractions in India and plan your vacation in detail. So, what are you waiting for? Book your dream vacation with Pickyourtrail to full fill your dreams of staying in an authentic yet lavish palace.

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