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Top 5 Family Resorts In Sri Lanka – For you and your Family!

The Sri Lankan island in the Indian Ocean is a bundle of surprise. The beautiful coast with varied attractions, salubrious climate, lush green tropical forests qualifies Sri Lanka as the most-loved holiday destination across the world. The country’s colonial ruins and monuments interest art/history lovers. The sandy beaches, luxurious family resorts, and awe-inspiring water sports are real pull factors for families and adventure junkies. Plan a Sri Lankan family holiday and enjoy roaming around the country and pose for many Instagram-worthy selfies with your kids. Deep dive into the ocean and relish lip-smacking dishes after the water adventures. Wondering which resort to choose for your Sri Lankan Family holiday? We have got you covered – here are the Top 5 Family Resorts In Sri Lanka you must choose from!

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Top 5 Family Resorts In Sri Lanka

Spending time with your family is the most precious time in anyone’s lifetime. And planning a vacation with your loved ones can indeed give you positivity and mental strength. Are you looking to plan a family Holiday? Sri Lanka presents you with the best beaches, historical spots, water sports, delicious cuisine, and warm people. All you have to do is choose the right family resort in Sri Lanka and schedule a stay. Worrying about which to choose from? Here is our selection of Top 5 Family Resorts in Sri Lanka.

  • Camellia Hills, Dunkeld Estate
  • Water Garden Sigiriya
  • Shri Sharavi Beach Villas and Spa
  • The Wallawa, Kotugoda
  • Living Heritage Koslanda

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Camellia Hills, Dunkeld Estate – Tea lover’s paradise

The traditional tea bungalow will rob your heart as soon as you enter it. The bungalow is set amidst lush green gardens, offering amazing views of the nearby lake and humongous hills. When you are here, you will be spoilt for choice. While the restaurants have tongue-tingling dishes on the menu that include egg hoppers with seeni sambol and other Sri Lankan yummies. The all-inclusive luxurious bungalow has spacious rooms that are very well equipped too. In addition to this, it also has a 10-meter infinity swimming pool to relax and rejuvenate. If you are looking for a family retreat, this is indeed the best choice! Sip your morning tea, absorb the view and relax just like the way you like it!


Camellia Hills, Dunkeld Estate, Dick oya 22000, Sri Lanka

5 best family resorts in Sri Lanka
Image Source: Unsplash

Water Garden Sigiriya – Water Villas and more

If your family wants to stay at a resort-style hotel in Sri Lanka, you must head to the Water Garden Sigiriya. This resort is located in the Matale district in Sri Lanka. Water Gardens… Um Yes, the design of the hotel is in such a way that the villas are set around landscaped water gardens. Already mind blown? The resort is known for its spacious, wooden houses that offer amazing views of the surroundings. In addition to this, the Water Garden Sigiriya Hotel’s location is an important reason to choose this resort. And you’re also staying very close to the eye-catching ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya. The Villas are big enough for your family to relax for a week-long vacation. You can also enjoy the plunge pools, spacious interiors, exclusive amenities when you are at the resort.


Indigaswewa, Sigiriya 21120, Sri Lanka

beach resort in Sri Lanka
Image Source : Pixabay

Shri Sharavi Beach Villas and Spa – Exclusively for the beach lovers

Wanting a beachside villa to stay with your family? Then, Shri Sharavi Beach Villas and Spa is the right choice. The hotel is a super stylish one, with well-equipped rooms and spas. You can relax beside the beautiful beach and play with your kids. The management has set an excellent vibe to welcome families with kids. In addition to this, the hotel also has family-friendly dining areas and specially curated menus for children. The hotel also offers many beachside excursions and yoga classes for you to unwind and relax. So, what are you waiting for? Book an entire villa for your family when you are in Sri Lanka and enjoy!


A2, Kamburugamuwa, Sri Lanka

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The Wallawa, Kotugoda – The Stylish Resort

Just a 15-minute drive from the super busy Colombo Airport, The Wallawa in Kotugoda is an ideal place for all history lovers. It was a manor house that was remodeled to a fancy boutique hotel. So, if you think The Wallawa to be an Airport hotel, No you are wrong! With tripled benefits of an Airport hotel, this is an ideal spot for families to relax and stay. With 18 uniquely styled guest rooms, a huge swimming pool, beautiful green gardens, a children’s play area, yummilicious dishes- The Wallawa has it all!! The hotel also has a specially curated menu for children, Isn’t that cool? Being a boutique hoeThe Wallawa also has family suites to enjoy your Sri Lankan vacation in style.


Minuwangoda-Gampaha-Miriswatta Rd, Kotugoda, Sri Lanka

Girl in swimming pool
Image Source: Unsplash

Living Heritage Koslanda – For Nature loving families

Living Heritage Koslanda is an 80-acre paradise located in the heart of Sri Lanka. The Island country surprises you in its every twist and turn. Looking for a posh boutique hotel to stay with your family? Living Heritage Koslanda is indeed the best choice! The hotel amazes you with its lush green views and serene surroundings. Does your family love to stay close to nature, away from the city’s hustle-bustle? Living Heritage Koslanda will satisfy all your needs. In addition to the fascinating vistas of shadowed valleys and hills, you also get to enjoy luxury at the hotel. Yes, the hotel has a secluded hilltop pool where you enjoy the valley views sitting on the cushioned ambalamas. Book a room now and feel this for real!


Egodawatte Estate, Naulla, Koslanda UVA 90190, Sri Lanka

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Plan a Family vacation to Sri Lanka 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 

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Why wait to take a family vacation? Head to Srilanka and enjoy your holiday in the coastal paradise. So yes, Get together with your family and enjoy a fantastic holiday in Sri Lanka. Visit the romantic nooks of the country, soak in the beauty of its countryside and rejuvenate yourselves. Plan a picture-perfect Sri Lankan Holiday for your family with Pickyourtrail. Check out the Pickyourtrail website or leave us a WhatsApp inquiry to help you plan a memorable family vacation.

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