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Dubai skyscrapers
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on June 3, 2020 Share on

Famous Bridges In Deserted Dubai That Makes You Awestruck

Dubai – a place of sterling man-made architecture, This radiant city is similar to the city of Mumbai in India with its tall buildings and gleaming opportunities. Home to one of the strictest laws in the world, this city is the embodiment of fun with restrictions. Dubai is straight out of a kid’s imagination, a castle made of flowers? Check! Aquarium where you can swim with sharks? Check! 24-carat gold chandeliers in a mosque? Check! Dinner in the sky? Check! The list goes on. But, while having fun one must be certain of following the rules because the charges are as hefty as the fun here! Always dress and behave appropriately when in Dubai. Now that you have been warned, let’s check out one of the cool stuff in Dubai, the famous Bridges. Before we go right into it, let’s have a peek into the architecture in Dubai, the City of Wonders.

A beautiful view of Dubai
Image Source: Unsplash

Despite its scorching heat and authoritarian rules, Dubai gets a whopping 15.8 million visitors per year. Nobody can leave Dubai without applauding its beautiful architecture, the world-famous Burj Khalifa is just the tip of the iceberg. Other significant architecture includes Dubai frame – it’s literally a humongous frame painting a picture at the middle of the city, Dubai towers – this carefully built structure would look like its defying the laws of physics to a normal person! Only a true nerd will understand this complex beauty. Dubai is essentially the Golden Fleece to any architect’s creative block!

Dubai’s architecture has helped in the rapid transformation of what was merely a fishing village to a global business hub. From buildings, hardly every 200 meters to being the home to the tallest building in the world has changed the status of Dubai. It is now termed as the Most Expensive City of the Middle East. Not just buildings and skyscrapers, Dubai has some of the coolest bridges ever to exist. These bridges not only help them to travel from one part of the city to another but also be an absolute treat to the eyes. These Bridges stand as the testimony to the majestic touch of magnificent architectures in Dubai. Here is the list of famous brides in Dubai that you shouldn’t miss on your next visit to Dubai.

Famous bridges of Dubai

1. The Floating Bridge

While talking about the amazing structures in Dubai, Burj Khalifa is the mane that pops up in the minds of everyone instantly. Now think of another name. It’ll definitely be the Floating Bridge. The floating bridge is an architectural wonder of Dubai. The bridge was constructed in mere 23 days and holds the record for fastest construction. Envisioned by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the contract for construction was handed over to Waagner Biro. The bridge has 6 lanes in total and is truly magnificent and helps in controlling the traffic. 

Situated: Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Length of the bridge: 365m

Opening year: 16th July 2007

2. Al Garhoud Bridge

A bridge built over the famous Dubai Creek is the Al Garhoud Bridge. The bridge plays a vital role in controlling the traffic in Dubai, with lanes connecting to many roads. Built-in 1976, it covers the eastern end of Dubai. Till date, the bridge has seen at least 9000 vehicles in a single day during peak hours. The bridge initially had five lanes which was then turned into seven lanes while reconstructing it. Apart from the bridge itself, the city of Dubai showcases the art and crafts of Dubai which is a unique feature to this bridge. 

Situated: East end of Dubai  – United Arab Emirates

Length of the bridge: 520m

Opening year:  1976

Bridge in Dubai
Image Source: Unsplash

3. Business Bay Crossing Bridge

Situated to the south of the Al Garhoud Bridge, it connects the roads of Deira to Bur Dubai, the bridge was opened in the year 2007 with 13 lanes in total. The total road network of the bridge seems to be approximately 15kms. The bridge offers a separate lane/corridor for the motorists to travel hassle-free and safely from Bur Dubai to Deira. This bridge is also said to be the third-largest bridge on the Dubai Creek end.

Situated:  South of Dubai Creek, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Length of the bridge: 1.6km

Opening year: June 2007

4. Skybridge

Though this bridge is not particularly used for transportation, the Skybrdige is completely made out of glass and is the newest addition to the city’s attractions. It is truly a wonderful creation and one of its kind. Located in downtown Dubai, it stands as a pride to its nation. The bridge provides a 360-degree view of the city and is located 48 floors above the ground. Quite breathtaking, once you start walking on it, the translucent floors become transparent and sends a tingling sensation to your bones if you look down. There are telescopic cameras kept on the bridge allowing you to take a peek of Dubai’s famous landmarks. 

Situated: Al Kifaf, Zabeel Park Jogging Track, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Length of the bridge: 150m 

Opening year: 2018

5. Al Maktoum Bridge

The Al Maktoum Bridge is the first bridge ever to be built in the city of Dubai. It is also known to be one of the oldest bridges to exist. Like the ones you see in movies, it opens up to pave way for large ships to pass through. During the olden days, the people of Dubai used ferries and boats to cross the Dubai creek. Construction of this bridge has made the lives of people on the other end easier than thought.

Situated: Al Maktoum Bridge, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Length of the bridge: 37m

Opening year: 1963

 Al Maktoum Bridge in Dubai
Image credits: Google Images

As many tourists flicking the middle east and the city of Dubai, it has become extremely important to monitor the traffic. With these famous bridges of Dubai connecting to different parts of Dubai, the city has found peace in travelling and exploring different places in a lesser amount of time. With Pickyourtrail, travel packages to Dubai from India stress-free and get an up-close experience and fun of looking these man-made wonders through eyes and not just in pictures. Unwrap the astonishing world of Dubai with Pickyourtrail.

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