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Famous TED talks that will change your perception about travelling

You can travel the world with almost no money, travelling shapes your personality, and you need not be a billionaire to travel — say these relentless travellers who learnt life-altering lessons by making the road their homes.

They learnt the lessons by living them, but we can watch them from the comfort of our couch thanks to these TED talks.

1. How to travel the world with almost no money

Tomislav Perko, a stockbroker crippled by the financial crisis decides to travel the world with the little money he is left with. Not only does the journey change his perception towards life, but also leads him to write a book on how to travel with less.

2. Travel More & Buy Less

“One should have a passport full of stamps rather than a house full of stuff”, says Luis Vargas who has worked 20 years in the space of mindful travel. Filled with interesting stories up his sleeves on how travel can be transformative, Luis explains why he will choose thoughtful travel over a materialistic lifestyle any day.

3. How I climbed a 3,000-foot vertical cliff — without ropes

A timid kid who’s afraid of heights grows up to climb the 3000-foot El Capitan without ropes. And no, Alex Honnold says he didn’t do it for the ‘thrill’ of it. In an inspiring talk, Alex narrates what was going on in his mind during this nail-biting expedition.

Read more about his journey: Meet Alex Honnold, the real-life Spider-man who can fuel your thirst for adventure travel!

4. The real reason I travelled to 196 countries

Having travelled solo to 196 countries and bagging two Guinness World Records on the way, Cassie De Pecol assures there’s more to travel than meets the eye. She also reveals the interesting reason why she started documenting her journey which wasn’t the plan at first.

5. How travelling shapes your personality

TV anchor Gulhan Sen who hosted the famous show of “Gülhan’s Guide to the Galaxy” talks about how one’s perceived sense of identity differs from reality and how travel proves effective in calibrating one’s place in the world.

6. How a tea seller travels the world

As a tea seller who has travelled to 16 countries from what he earned by selling tea, Mr Vijayan from Trivandrum talks about how he managed to do it and why money won’t confine people if they have the will to travel.

7. Learn to travel — travel to learn

Sometimes it takes an accident to realize one’s purpose and place in this world. Luckily for Robin Esrock, the accident happened when he still had time to turn his life around for good. In a spell-binding talk, Robin talks about one such accident that marked the beginning of his one-year solo backpacking journey to 24 countries.

8. Life Lessons from the Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country

Life does not look the same from every angle. Lexie Alford, with the World Record for being the youngest person to set foot on every country in the world, reveals interesting insights about what it means to see the world from the perspective of a 21-year-old girl.

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