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The Grand show of Fantasea in Kamala beach
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Phuket’s Infamous FantaSea Show

Opened in December 1998, Phuket FantaSea is located in the south of Phuket about 7kms from Patong and is known to be the nighttime cultural theme park. This park is widely spread throughout 60 acres, having a great street to do some shopping, two themed buffet restaurants that offer Thai and international food and also host a cultural theatrical show. To break it down, It is essentially a theme park that portrays the culture and lifestyle of locals in Phuket with modern technology. This place would mainly interest people who want to learn and know more about the different cultures of the world. A place that is meant to entertain you and your kids for almost an entire day with the theatrical safari, Gaming centres, and a shopping street apart from the world-famous performance “Fantasy of a Kingdom”.

The entrance to the theatre.
Image credits: Flickr

Things Inside the Park

  • Festival Village Shopping Street – Take a walk through Thailand’s architectural history here in this street, which happens to be a unique shopping experience with goodies that are of high quality. Made by the local producers, you can find 15 different shops offering a wide variety of merchandise starting from silk, to unusual items about elephants and many more. Home to the very warm Kamalan villagers, they happen to demonstrate a wide range of traditional arts and crafts. If you’re here you should not miss out on the cultural parades, pageants, street shows, and elephant rides. For the kids, make sure you take them down to the cavern of Hanuman’s Lair which is full of games while you and your partner could go down to the Kamala Pier restaurant that offers great music, beer, and a garden where you can just sit back and relax.

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  • Golden Kinnaree buffet restaurant- inspired by 7 half-bird half-angels called the Kinnarees is Asia’s biggest restaurant spread across 1.3 acres. All guests are served a royal feast set against the background of the legendary Himmaphan Forest. They offer both Thai and International cuisines.
  • Suriyamas Seafood Buffet Restaurant- A luxurious five-star dining restaurant that specializes in fresh seafood, which gives the taste of traditional Thai & International cuisine. Whilst enjoying the spectacular Thai setting with ornamented golden sculptures of mythical angels and classic palace decor this place provides fine dining for any sort of events as well.
  • The fantasy kingdom show– is a Las Vegas styled Thai cultural show that goes up to 75 minutes narrating the history of Kamala. It takes place in a theatre that is specifically built for this called the ‘Palace of the Elephants’ which also happens to be a recreation of the Sukhothai era stone elephant palace- having a seating capacity of 3000 seats with 3 floors. The show typically stages events like Thai culture, magic, acrobatics, animal performances, pyrotechnics, stunts, and aerial performances plus 4-D effects by a cast of over 400 people. The performers tend to have various sets of rehearsals before the show, and they are well equipped for it as well. With a great display of sound and light effects, the stage lights up once everyone enters it. Epic battle scenes and traditional dances are performed by different sets of groups and end with the return of the elephants which gives the whole show a circus sort of feel.
A snippet of Phi Phi Islands.
Image credits: Unsplash

Entrance Fees & Working Hours

  1. The entrance fees vary from 1800 THB- 3600 THB which is roughly about 4000-8000 INR per adult depending upon the combo of activities one wants to do and the show seats, the reservation can be done online as well as offline. 
  2. The standard timings of the show from Monday to Sunday are 5:30 PM to 11:30 PM, but the place remains shut on Thursdays. 
  3. Show Time every day is at 9.00 pm, the gate opens at 8.40 pm.

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  1. Do book your tickets in advance either online or offline, as the queues here are very long. This will save you time and energy.
  2. Be aware of overcharging tuk-tuks – they tend to do so to foreigners. 
  3. No dress code has been induced to date but one would not be allowed inside the park shirtless or in swimming suits.
  4. Children that can avail the children ticket and they must be between 101 – 140 cm (3’3” – 4’7”) in height. 
  5. Infants (height not exceeding 100 cm or 3’3”) can enter free of cost. They are asked to share their parent’s seats as some instances in the show can be a bit scary.
  6. Photography and video recording are strictly prohibited inside the theatre. 
  7. Guests wishing to exit the park temporarily may do so by obtaining a park re-entry hand stamp while they exit the park. 
  8. Food items from outside are not allowed inside the park, and smoking is prohibited by law but, however, smoking corners are available at the entrance of the restaurant and also in the exit hall of the theatre.
  9. If you want to catch the show up-close then gold seats would be your best bet. 
  10. There are two restaurant buffets you can choose from – Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant or the Suriyamas Seafood Buffet Restaurant.
  11. Transfer option comes with a few combos as well, if you want a two ways transportation for the show then you could pick this combo at the time of booking the tour, but if your hotel is very close to the Kamala beach you’re better off taking a tuk-tuk. 
  12. Be early for the show as the gates open at 8:40 and there is usually a huge line. 
  13. Only one price-policy meaning no changes if you would book it online or through a travel agent. Also do note that the price does not differ depending on the number of bookings at one go. 
The James bond Island in Phuket.
Image Credits: Unsplash

How to get to FantaSea Show and When to Visit?

  • Located near Kamala beach, this place takes about 15 minutes from Patong. One can either take a tuk-tuk or it may depend on what one’s tour agent has been booked for, private transportation can also be provided as a part of the combo. 
  • The Best time to visit Thailand would be from May to November.
A shot of the Kamala beach
Image credits: Google Images

So go on and make your very own customised Thailand tour with the Fantasea show and enjoy the show while it lasts. Or book your Phuket package with Pickyourtrail and make a happy vacation!

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