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florence shopping-clothing
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Fascinating Florence: A Mini Shopping Guide

The city of Florence is popularly known as the “Cradle of Renaissance” for its stunningly beautiful monuments, buildings, and churches present across the city. Being the centre of trade and finance, the modern Renaissance that took place between the 14th to 17th centuries grew its roots from here. The city has been the birthplace of talented painters like Cimabue, Donatello, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Giotto. The churches, monuments, buildings, and sculptures in the city are all evidence of their mesmerizing artworks.

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Florence has always been one of the major hubs for art since the medieval age. Over the time, these artworks have gone through modern reformations and gave rise to modern fashion. In a short time span, the city grew as one of the fashion capitals of the world and gained a world reputation equaling New York, Milan, and Paris. Florence is a home to some of the world’s top luxury fashion brands like Emilio Pucci, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, and Ermanno Scervino. Needless to say; Florence is a “Mecca for fashion lovers” and is a must-visit place for all fashion enthusiasts.

Shopping in Florence isn’t particularly limited to luxury couture and high street apparels but it also has an impressive market for artworks, leather goods, local souvenirs, stationery items, antiques, jewellery and fashion accessories. If you are visiting Florence for the first time or looking where to shop in Florence, here’s a list to help you narrow down your searches:

1. Clothing

florence shopping-clothing
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The city is full of high street fashion brands selling designer apparels. Whether your taste is vintage or latest runway fashion trend, you’ll find everything in these fashion stores catering to multifarious styles for both men and women. Florence houses top international fashion brands like Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Fenzi and Guya apart from the local Italian brands  and boutiques.

2. Jewellery

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The right kind of jewellery can change the overall look of a person. True to the saying, pairing the right accessory with your dress is really important as they both complement each other. At Florence, you’ll find a number of jewellery stores selling precious and semi-precious jewellery, costume jewellery as well as exotic handmade jewellery. You can also go to Angela Caputi, Aprosio or check out a number of other jewellery stores on the Ponte Vecchio Bridge.

3. Shoes

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Florence is your ultimate place to buy designer shoes made from high-quality leather. The shoe styles and colours vary from store to store. Some stores also customize the style and size of the shoes for customers.The shoe stores in Florence often run discounts for their customers but beware of stores that sell fake leather shoes. For real high-quality leather shoes, go to Sabatini Stefano, Antica Cuoieria Calzature, and Favorite Cobbler.

4. Handbags

florence shpping-handbags
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Florence obviously has a huge market for leather handbags made from locally produced high-quality leather. Designer handbags in different sizes and styles are available across Florence. Some clothing and shoe stores have a separate section for handbags but in case you want to go for an all exclusive handbag store, visit Mannelli on Ponte Vecchio Bridge and Roberta.

5. Leather Goods

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If you can’t get enough of your leather shoes and bags, head on to stores like Massimo Leather, Benheart and Bemporad to buy anything and everything that could be possibly made out of leather like wallets, belts, storage pouches and jackets. Although the prices are on the higher side, the quality of product you’ll get here is worth investing every penny.

6. Stationery

florence shopping-stationary
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If you’ve already assumed that Florence is only about fashion and fashion accessories, you are wrong. Florence is equally famed for its artwork and how do you create art without the right tools? The stationary shops in Florence have various kinds of stationery items required to create beautiful artwork, you get marble papers, notebooks, cards and various kinds of pens and paints at these stores. Head on to Ll Papiro and Marzotto Carta to satisfy the artist in you.

7. Artworks

florence shopping-artwork
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This goes without saying that artworks are one of the best selling items in Florence. The city is a dream come true for every art lovers and the artwork sold here is very unique and beautiful. The artists put in a lot of effort to create masterpieces which are then sold out at art stores and bought internationally. If you’d like to take back a piece of Florence with you, make sure to visit Zecchi Colori Belle Arti and the lanes of Tornabuoni to buy its masterpieces.

8. Antiques

florence shopping-antiques
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Old, rare and unique items in Florence can be found in the antique store of II Cancello Antiquariato e Vintage. It’s a hub to find all prized possessions in the city. Visit this store to get a glimpse of beautiful rare items that are hard to find anywhere. If you admire antiques or love collecting it, this store is a must visit for you.

No matter whether you believe in luxury or not, Florence will refine your taste for things and make you look at the rich and refined side of life. The shopping experience that you’ll get here is the best and unparalleled to every other city in Italy. Planning for for a trip to Italy soon? Reach out to Pickyourtrail to customize your happy travel trail today!


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