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Find your perfect tour: Know your tour types to have the best vacation!

Food & Wine Tours

Are you a foodie? Or dying to taste some of the amazing wines in Europe? You should definitely check out some of the best Food Tours and Wine Tours in Italy, France, Spain etc. If you are going on a European vacay, Food and Wine Tours should unquestionably be in your bucket list. From tasting all the ethnic and traditional food of each region to having a sample of the wines, it would create lasting memories on your heart.

Visiting a country without exploring their cuisines wouldn’t make any sense. Every dish served has its own culture and history from where it originated and what it has to say about its people. All you need to make sure that you a good appetite when you check out the mouthwatering dishes. Cause we don’t want you to miss any of the local specialties just because you had a full continental lunch at the hotel. Treat your taste buds to the most exquisite of the cuisines. Drink the most luxurious and classic wines, made in the exotic vineyards across the countryside.

food and wine
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City Stays

Explore around the awesome cities and soak yourself in the wonders that each city has to offer. Staying for 2-3 Nights in each city should be adequate enough to learn about the local culture, the artwork, history and the local cuisines as well. Either you can take a stroll around the beaches and the countryside or ride a bicycle. you would be mesmerized by the cities and their charming atmosphere. You can opt to take guided tours that are mostly paid and would have a shared transfer with Hotel pick-up. You have to move around with the group of people and restricts your mobility. If you want to move freely and at your own place, go and explore the city yourself. Just a couple of travel blogs about the city would prep you for the self-exploratory tour.

 Make sure you have comfort shoes and a sweatshirt to chill and hop around the different places. Soak yourself in the romance of Paris and the mesmerizing views from the Eiffel tower. Or wander around the beaches in Mykonos with your Flip–flops wearing your summer dress. All you need handy is the map to get you across the city. Every city comes with its own wonders and charms that is yet to be unravelled by you.

strolling around the city tour
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Walking Tours

Exploring a new land by foot is the most amazing experience you can have in that foreign place. All you need to carry with you is some hiking shoes, or any comfortable shoes, a light backpack for the essentials. Don’t forget to carry a map of the place. That is enough to get you  around the city by food. Stay at a small cottage or Inn close to the places you want to explore. Probably something in the city centre would be recommended.

Either it is tasting the local delicacies or talking to the locals, it’s definitely a very heartwarming feeling. Rather than opting for guided shared tours, most of the tourists prefer this mode of exploring the city. The first reason being you can move around freely without any restrictions in timings. Plus, the other thing is that you also have the chance to play around with the itinerary by handpicking which of the places you want to walk to. You can also stroll around the hidden streets, and winding pathways and click amazing pictures. They would also be free from the crowds of tourists. And you have a more peaceful time soaking up the beauty of the place bit by bit.

Religious Tours

Understand the rich culture and heritage that each place has to offer. Every religion has its birth place and how it evolved through the ages. There are multiple religious tours organised by the Tour companies, guided or self-exploratory. The best people to travel with are family or your own religious group. If you are looking to explore the art, culture and the ancient ruins of any city, opt for religious tours according to your preference.

Connect with your faith, history and walk around the churches or mosques. Marvel at the true beauty of the architecture that were built ages ago and what story each of them have to offer. You can check out the Holy city of Jerusalem to explore the stories of Christianity. Visit Turkey if you want to check a world renowned mosques with beautiful structures. As you admire some of the holiest places in the world, you would be filled with an unbeatable feeling of spirituality.

hagia sofia
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