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Finland in May
Written by Sruthi Suresh on May 20, 2022 Share on

Finland in May – 5 best cities to visit during your stay

Finland in May amalgamates pleasant weather, buzzing destinations and the ultimate food. This month also lies on the bucket list of visitors who want to enjoy the country’s best destinations without the climate being a hassle. The picturesque cities of Finland will make you awestruck. The magnificent local art forms, museums, cold waters, skiing locations and a lot more are queued just for you. Keep reading to take a virtual tour of the best cities of Finland and you are all set to plan your trip!

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Weather in Finland – May

Finland witnesses Spring at its peak during the first two weeks. Though it is said to have commenced in the previous months, the complete Spring weather is felt during May and gradually shifts to summer. Lumps of snow can still be spotted in places due the remote location of the country. The average temperature of Finland in May ranges form 6oC to 18oC and a daylight period of 7 hours. The extent of rainfall reduces only to short spells rarely.

What to pack for Finland during spring

  • Thin Jackets
  • Warm sweaters
  • Tops and T-Shirts
  • Jeans
  • Scarves
  • Shoes, boots and flats

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what to pack for Finland in May
Image source: Pexels

Best cities to visit in Finland in May

Summer draws people to the south, while winter brings a continuous stream of visitors to the north for snow sports. If you want to escape the elevated prices of summertime but still enjoy the long days and pleasant weather, May is a good time to visit. Here are some of the best cities of the country to visit.

  • Helenski
  • Rovaniemi
  • Oulu
  • Tampere
  • Vantaa

1. Helenski

The capital city of Finland has got a lot in store for you! The fort of Suomenlinna, historic museums and churches with the best architecture are a treat to your eyes. Being the largest city of Finland, Helenski is home to various sports events and gatherings. The city shares borders with a major part of the Baltic sea and thereby fondly addressed as the ‘Daughter of Baltic’.

  • Population: 5,58,457
  • Average Temperature: 6oC to 15oC

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Helenski - Capital city
Image source: Pexels

2. Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi gets its name from the Saami tradition which is the root of the people of Finland. Did you know that Rovaniemi is the home of Santa Claus? You can pay a visit to the lovely Santa Claus village to meet him at his office and spent your day at the countryside. The city hosts various winter sports for its visitors to have the ultimate holiday experience. The Arktikum Science museum houses various medieval art pieces and sculptures depicting the Finnish tradition.

  • Population: 34,781
  • Average Temperature: 9oC to 18oC

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Finland - Santa Claus
Image source: Pexels

3. Oulu

Established in the year 1605, the city of Oulu is more than 400 years old. Also known as the ‘living lab’, is a famous city for experimentations with new-gen technology. Oulu’s harbour is one of the busiest places for trading and commerce. The Wooden Town of Pikisaari is located in Oulu and has some of the oldest buildings. Explore the local shops to get yourself updated with the mindblowing fashion trend of Oulu.

  • Population: 1,33,541
  • Average Temperature: 10oC to 19oC

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 Oulu harbour
Image source: Pexels

4. Tampere

Tampere is located in Southern Finland and is one of the most famous inland cities surrounded by water bodies. The largest Glass sculpture of Finland is located in Tampere in one of the lobbies of its shopping mall. Visit Tempere, the ‘Sauna Capital of the world’ for a relaxing hot Sauna holiday. Tampere has a total of 50 public saunas with the best amenities for its visitors. Stop by the street food lanes of the city to relish the native flavour and refresh yourself after the sauna experience.

  • Population: 3,46,000
  • Average Temperature: 8oC to 19oC

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Finland - Sauna
Image source: Pixabay

5. Vantaa

Declared the fourth largest city in Finland, Vantaa is home to the biggest airport in the country, ‘Helenski-Vantaa’. The Vantaa river flows through the city and supports various activities like swimming and boating. If you are crazy about planes and aircraft, you must definitely visit the aviation museum in Vantaa to have a hands-on cockpit experience. The city is also known for its alluring shopping centres and museums that behold your sight. Do not forget to purchase souvenirs to carry your memories forever.

  • Population: 2,30,970
  • Average Temperature: 10oC to 20oC

Frequently asked questions about Finland in May

1. What is Finland fondly called?

Finland being one of the remote and smallest countries in the world, is addressed as the ‘Happiest Country in the World’.

2. What is the weather in Finland in May?

Finland experiences peak Spring and an onset of Summer during May. The days are longer and brighter with less spells of rain. This month gives you an opportunity to explore both snow sporting and summer activities. Make the best use of it in your itinerary.

3. What is the language(s) spoke in Finland?

Finnish and Swedish are the languages spoken in Finland. Other minority languages like Saami, Karelian, and Romani are spoken here.

Finland is of the most gorgeous and captivating countries offering surreal views and picturesque scenery. Known for top educational institutes and tech-hubs, the country hosts a multi-faceted arena. Don’t you think you must definitely visit this place? What if this is possible at the click of a button? Make sure to check out Pickyourtrail for budget friendly Finland holiday packages. Use our website to customise your own Finland itinerary and take back home a heap of memories.

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