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Five best family resorts in Bali

A beautiful island in the Indonesian province, Bali is the land of gods. The culture and tradition of Bali is one of a kind. A must visit destination in every avid traveller’s bucket list, Bali has its own charm. Taking family along? Looking for a place to stay? Here are 5 best family resorts in Bali which are sure to suit your taste:

1. St. Regis – Bali

Located in Nusa Dua with majestic ocean view , St.Regis is the best 5 star family resort in Bali. The right mix of greenery and pristine waters, this place has so much to offer. Taking kids along? They can have a blast of a time at the children’s learning centre while you take a dip at the massive pool or have a drink at the bar. Families can spend the evening together at the garden watching movies under the stars with the soothing sound of the waves in the background. Try your hand at water sports such as snorkelling, kite surfing and much more. They have a wide range of room categories to suit your needs. Each room comes with a pool or even direct access to the lagoon. Soak in the world-class Spa treatments to relax your mind and body. St.Regis trademark butler service is worth mentioning. Help is at your doorstep. World class luxury stay starting at around Rs.58,000 per night.

St Regis Bali
Pic credit : Unsplash

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2. Plataran Menjagan

Hidden amidst the thickets of the West Bali National Park, Plataran Menjagan is a gem for anyone who want to show their kids the best of forests and ocean. Living in places untouched by mankind is an experience of a lifetime. An epitome of luxury and privacy at one place, rejuvenate your mind, body and soul by staying at this place for a few nights. Forest villa, pool villa and mangrove villas await you. Choose one, you won’t regret it. Cycling, bird watching, private cruise tour, trekking are some worth-while options to indulge yourself to make your stay memorable. Have a scrumptious breakfast in front of the turquoise blue ” The Ijen Crater”. Imagine yourself in front of this blue gem with your loved ones. Don’t forget to dive into the clear waters between the mangrove canals. Kids can learn a whole lot of new adventure activities here. Waiting to take them? Prices starting at around Rs. 20,000 per night.

Plantaran Menjagan, Bali
Pic credit: Unsplash

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3. Mandapa – Ubud

Ever dreamt of a stream flowing through your property? Its a reality here/.The Ayung river in Ubud just flows through this resort.Mandapa is s a secluded property facing paddy fields and hills. A luxury rustic life to be precise. Indulge yourself in the Balanese tradition. It can be the most native experience possible. Soak in their history and culture. Take your children on a walk around the paddy fields and let them have a glimpse of cultivation. A biking tour or a vintage car tour can be enriching. Go for a refreshing swim in the infinity pool with paddy fields in the foreground and hills in backdrop. Nature trek will let you learn more about the flora and fauna. Breakfasts at the river side or a picnic are best for families. You get to spend quality time with your loved ones. Watch the river flow by as you get yourself a massage at the Spa. Varying dining venue possibilities let you explore nature at its best. 6 villas and suites spread across the rainforest can make your stay a memorable one. Book your stay starting at Rs.55,000 per night. Be sure that it is worth the money spent.

Mandapa, Ubud, Bali
Pic credit : Unsplash

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4. Tanah Gajah

A gem in the highlands of the Ubud District, Tanah Gajah is one of the best family resorts in Bali. Spread across an area of 5-hectares, it has something for offer for everyone. Get to watch the renowned live Kecak dance performance in the amphi theatre under the stars. The resort takes pride in curating one-of-a-kind experiences for their beloved guests. Has taking a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey ever been on your bucket list? Then here they are. Tanah Gajah has a licensed hot-air balloon rice over the fields. Spectacular sunrise and sunsets can be viewed from up there. Don’t forget to take a 20-min ride to Pucak Manik Temple . You will have the option to undergo the Balanese purification ceremony. Picnics, dinners or evening tea near the thriving paddy fields will make your day. 4 rooms categories with magnificent views let you experience Bali at it’s best. Indulge in the traditional Bali culture starting at Rs.40,000 per night.

Tanah Gajah, Bali
Pic credit : Unsplash

5. Bali Dynasty Resort

Just 10 mins away from the Kuta city, Bali Dynasty resort is a fun place for kids. One of the best family resorts in the heart of Kuta, the resort has activities lined up for the kids for a whole week. Any day of the week would be filled with activities for the children of any age group. Parents can on the other hand can try their hand in fitness or rejuvenate themselves in the spa. The place has about 12 room categories. Guess what, they even have a children’s suite. From Irish pubs to Indian queens they have a melange of restaurants to keep the foodie in you alive. 3 pools across the resort wait for you to take a plunge. The best part is that the kid’s pool have water slides in them. Wondering if this is a theme park? It is much more than that. Don’t miss out on these on your next vacation to Bali. Prices starting at about Rs.10,000 per night.

Bali dynasty resort
Pic credit : Unsplash

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