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Flamenco dance
Written by Krishna Teja on August 7, 2020 Share on

Flamenco Shows in Madrid: Top 6 Places to watch the show

Flamenco, Spain’s most popular dance and music, is known the world over for its energy, moves and magnificence. Even though it is more prolific in South Spain, all the celebrated specialists come to act in Madrid’s brilliant foundations. Here we show probably the best places to unwind over a drink and watch the Flamenco Shows in Madrid in one of the Top 6 places below.

1. Cardamomo 

Flamence moves in Madrid
Image Credits: Unsplash

Cardamomo is located close to the Puerta del Sol, in the heart of Madrid. It also has a building dedicated to making flamenco shows. It was as of late perceived by the New York Times as the best table in Madrid. It has fantastic entertainers—a show with a beverage, generally sangria, costs from 25 to 39€. 

Where is it? Cardamomo, Calle Echegaray 15, Madrid, Spain, +34 918 05 10 38 

2. Corral de la Morería 

Corral de la Morería is the most established flamenco precinct in the capital, with its first show occurring more than fifty years back in 1956. There are shows which run daily, and in June 2015 they are putting on selective shows after 12 pm as well, with special Artists coming to talk about their new releases. 

Where is it? Corral de la Morería, Calle de la Morería 17, Madrid, Spain, +34 913 65 11 37 

3. Casa Patas 

Flamenco show in a cafe, Madrid
Image Credits: Unsplash

Casa Patas is somewhere else that puts on live flamenco shows in Madrid. It portrays itself as a restaurant and bar with a flamenco tablao. It is situated in the focal point of Madrid and moreover has a flamenco school and a flamenco enterprise. Dinner and a show cost from 60€ upward, and it is essential to book ahead of time, as the most majority of the places on this list. 

Where is it? Casa Patas, Calle de los Cañizares 10, Madrid, Spain, +34 913 69 04 96.

4. Las Tablas 

This is definitely the best places in Madrid, Las Tablas, has been working for around 10 years. In any case, in that brief period, it has ascended to the head of the rundown of flamenco bars in the capital. It has two shows every day, one at 8 pm and the other at 10 pm. The costs run from 27€ to 76€, with supper, tapas or only a beverage. This region likewise has a veggie-lover menu, so it is an astounding decision for non-meat-eaters. 

Where is it? Las Tablas, Plaza España 9, Madrid, Spain, +34 91 54 20 520

5. Torres Bermejas 

Flamenco Shows in Madrid
Image Credits: Unsplash

Established in 1960, and the best Flamenco artists in Spain have performed at the Torres Bermejas, with various famous authors in participation: the king of Spain has been here just as different people from the Spanish honorability and TV symbols. The restaurant at Torres Bermejas serves excellent food, and its design is impressive. 

Where is it? Torres Bermejas, Calle Mesoneros Romanos 11, Madrid, Spain, +34 915 32 33 22 

6. Bistro de Chinitas 

Bistro de Chinitas is known for the delightful covers, beautifying it in an Andalusian style. The café also serves excellent food, making it an inside and out pleasant tactile experience. There are two hours, and a half shows every day, aside from on Sundays. The absolute best flamenco craftsmen have moved on its stage, and it pulls in a severe group, so guests should book ahead of time. 

Where is it? Bistro de Chinitas, Calle Torija 7, Madrid, Spain, +34 915 47 15 02 

Flamenco shows carry the importance and the culture of Spain. Make sure you visit any one of the above on your Vacation to Spain. And, do remember to grab the ticket soon with Pickyourtyrail.

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