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Flight safety
Written by Swathi on September 7, 2020 Share on

5 step-guide to following flight safety amidst the pandemic

The year 2020 has been a rollercoaster for many. With a large part of the world going into lockdown, travel has come to a standstill. But with the Unlock mode coming into play, travelling for necessity has begun. Flight safety in the meantime has been a subject of debate for long. Until a sure shot vaccine is found, the norms of social distancing and masks are what will keep us safe. Travel cannot be avoided altogether and hence we have come up with a list of flight safety tips for you to follow.

1. The COVID-19 safety kit

COVID-19 Safety kit
Image source: Pixabay

A handy kit consisting of all the items necessary for ensuring your safety should be packed beforehand. Masks, hand sanitizers and wipes should be packed in surplus. Considering that you will not be given water onboard or be able to access public water dispensers, it is better to carry your own water bottle. You can also pack up a travel pillow and blanket for added comfort on the flight.

2. Try avoiding public transport

Although in-flight safety can be managed to a large extent, it is the pre and post-flight safety that is a matter of concern. You will be coming in contact with a number of people during that period of time which could pose a risk to those travelling with you. It is better to arrive and leave in your own personal transport. Try and avoid getting exposed to the virus as much as possible. This will prove to be beneficial to your fellow passengers as well.

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3. Test yourself

COVID-19 testing
Image source: Pixabay

Now although this comes as a surprise, it can do wonders. Testing yourself for COVID-19 before and after your flight will wash away all uncertainties. This will be one of the best precautionary measures to take and will avoid others from contracting the virus. It is always better to get yourself tested before entering another place which might be doing better in terms of the caseload.

4. Adhere to the norms of the check-in counter

Every airport has put forth a set of norms to be followed at the security checkpoints. Make sure you adhere to all of them and co-operate with the authorities as much as possible. There have been many process changes like mandatory online check-in to reduce personal contact. If you are carrying food along with you, ensure to wrap it up in a visible transparent bag so that it is easier to check. Once you finish all the formalities, wash your hands thoroughly with soap or sanitizer.

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5. The right flight at the right time

Early morning flight
Image source: Unsplash

Many airlines across the globe are operating as per their own safety protocols. To safeguard yourself from damage to the maximum extent, choose an airline which makes it mandatory to keep the middle seat empty. Do a bit of research and find out more about how the aircraft is cleaned. Try avoiding the crowd as much as possible by choosing early morning or late night flights. The security checkpoints and baggage collection counters will not have too many people at these times. Thus, social distancing will not be an issue.

As the age-old saying goes, travel is life. We cannot do away with travel altogether and hence can ensure the best experience through safety measures. If you adhere to the norms of social distancing and personal hygiene, your lost vacation plans can come back to life once again. For all those of you who wish to travel right away, here are some great staycation deals offered by Pickyourtrail. You never know a safe and memorable vacation can be just around the corner!

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