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Written by Rohitha Bollipalli on March 6, 2019 Share on

Following the Italian food trial: Italy unwrapped

Oh, I know! Not everybody visits Italy just for its food. For the kind people who decide to, or the awesome folks vacaying in Italy, here’s a bunch of local foods to try on your Italian food trail.

Lombardy- Cotoletta all Milanese

If you’ve watched ‘Call me by your name’ you wouldn’t need much explanation on my part. But for the rest of you let me start by painting a picture. Almost Alpine with picture perfect houses that sit high along with Gothic cathedrals. Art and Music flow from street corners sending you waves of high-end Italian love. Milan’s its capital so imagine the rest.

When you’re in this part of the country you should definitely consider trying this veal cutlet that Milan celebrates.

Piedmont- Truffles

Piedmont clutches the Alps bordering the French-Swiss border of Italy. Turin, its capital is known for its classic cityscapes. The lakes are in abundance wherever you go and so is fresh air coupled with wine. True to the Italians’ love for truffles, these mountains grow these love producing fungi in the region of Alba. They take their truffles so seriously that someone even came up with a truffle festival where you drink wine all day and gulp down pasta for the rest of your time.

Genoa- Pesto Genovese

Genoa isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of Italy, but this part of Italy is a beautiful counterpart to the French Riviera. The seaport is full of medieval palaces and museums that are vaguely unpopulated compared to the rest of Italy. The food trail takes a pleasant turn from the usual Italian numbers. The Pesto Genovese is our pick for when you’re in Genova. It is a flavourful cold sauce that is a blast on the eye too. Smear it all you want on pasta, pizza, literally anything Italian.

Milan- Risotto alla Milanese

Milan hardly needs an introduction and neither does this dish. Traditional Italian risottos don’t come in better shapes. This one features saffron and Parmesan that blend seamlessly to bring out this golden yellow peach of a dish.

Parma- Parma Ham or Prosciutto di Parma

This beautiful Italian city takes this food trail a notch higher with its world-class prestigious ham. The local production unit has been around since Roman times. The ham is cured for at least a year to gain its pink texture. You could taste it all you want with wine and cheese accompaniments.

Bologna- Tagliatelle Al Ragu

The famous Bolognese pasta is locally known as Tagliatelle Al Ragu. These Parmesan sprinkled goodness is hand pulled with so much love at family restaurants. Do not miss this on your Italian food trail!

The regions Parma, Reggio Emilia and Bologna are the official makers of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese that makes the iconic wheel of Italian cheese. It is gritty, grainy and voluptuous. You will find this grandeur in all its grace in Bologna.


Bologna being Bologna is making fresh hand made pasta stuffed with cheese, veggies, meat and all things good! Tortellacci is just the result of one such cook!

Northern Italy- Cappucino

Just leaving it out there without an explanation…

Venice- Antipasto

Venice could be famous for a lot of things. But one of the things that stand out for foodies, is the antipasto or antipasti that’s served in every restaurant.  An array of seafood, meat and cheeses served on a tray- always a good idea!

Cinque Terre- Calamari

Cinque Terre or five lands are full of tiny villages that brim with local dishes and artisan restaurants. The cliffy geographical conditions favour their squid consumption so this should come as no surprise.

Florence- Florentean Steak

Tuscany’s Chianti- Chianti

The charms of Italy’s Tuscany is no stranger to the eye. The land that brings out every morning as a painting also produces these cherry coloured special wines! Head to Chianti rightaway for some of that Chianti wine.

 Rome- Carbonara

The famous creamy egg complimenting pasta originated right here! That is why when in Rome, eat like the Romans do!

Naples- Pizza

Handmade, mozzarella dripping, button tomato hugging pizzas! Naples has always the best pizza in the world with its artistic perfection. The simple recipe has many nuances in making and has at least a hundred variants all over the country. The quintessential Neapolitan pizza is not only Italy’s best, but it is also sought by people all over the world! Do not miss this part out on your food trail for the world.

Puglia- Extra virgin olive oil

Amalfi Coast- Limoncello

The gold of Amalfi they call it! This citrus coloured liquid is the mother of fruit made liqueurs. Sweet smelling giant sized lemons produce zest that are wrought into alcoholic drinks to infuse their oils. Gold indeed?

Sicily- Gelato

Creamy gooey frozen desserts on a sunny Sicilian day? Oh yes! Look for these shapes while hunting for one.

Sicily- Cannoli

Cannoli, the deep fried Italian goodness, comes in all kinds of flavours, thanks to the dreamy Italians who first tampered with it. This tiny pop will one-up your Italian food trail!

Sardinia- Seadas

This coastal side of the nation celebrates this delicacy. I wouldn’t know much about its taste, but the description on the below post sure sounds yum!

Are you still sitting there and contemplating? Don’t think twice, your next trip to Italy is going to be epic.


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