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France in June
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France in June- A Guide to get the best of French Summer

France in June is an exhilarating experience, the flowers are in full bloom and the temperatures are lower. The summers can be exasperating and winters can be freezing, so the perfect time to visit France in June. Dive in the thrilling festivals and exotic cultural activities in June. Paris is especially popular with both the domestic population and tourists at this time of the year. The domestic population starts to get in the holiday mood as their vacations start mid-June.

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Weather in France in June

Weather in France in June
Source- Unsplash

As June starts, so do the summers in France. Although the temperatures are not that soaring in June. The temperatures range from 18°C and 21°C on average. It brings in a lot of sun rays, at least eight hours a day, and less rain with 40mm falling over seven days in June

Festivals in France in June

June is a special month in the France calendar, a lot of festivals are celebrated in this month. There are not many tourists at this time of month making it a perfect getaway for people who don’t like crowded places. Few festivals that are celebrated in France in June are mentioned below-

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1. D-Day celebrations

D-Day is celebrated to honor veterans that participated in World War II, which led to the liberation of France. This event is celebrated from the end of May to mid-June. Normandy celebrates this day with fireworks at Omaha Beach. And several other events including musicals and parades to salute those who contributed to the French liberation.

2. The Normandy Impressionist Festival

The Normandy Impressionist Festival is an exhibition that intends to showcase the Impressionist campaign and its brief connections with Normandy. The festivity runs from April to September across the Normandy area but a maximum of the activities are focused in Rouen and Caen. A total of over 450 events are planned all around Normandy for more than five months.

3. International Garden Festival

Every year in the mansion of Chaumont-sur-Loire Castle, thirty or so artists and terrain artists from all across the planet build modern gardens centered on a particular theme. For portions of the summer, Chaumont Gardens can be toured in the dusk, when it’s shining under the lights of LEDs whose colors, and reflections indicate new facets and magical, extraordinary environments.

International Garden Festival, France in June
Source- Unsplash

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Places to visit in France in June

These top 5 places that will blow your mind with their beauty and cuisine. The places are the ones that attract the tourists the most-

1. Paris

Paris is a traveler’s deepest desire, it is home to the Eiffel Tower, Lover, Notre-Dame. A hub of the greatest french dining, jaw-dropping fashion, and mouth-watering cuisine. The city is filled with classical music, and museums, making it a perfect blend of past and present. You can go on Seine boat trips, Montmartre strolls, and summer beaches.

Paris, France in June
Source- Unsplash

2. Nice

Nice is a French town known for its art museums. It has pebbly beaches and old towns that give a glimpse of the historical era. This town has numerous places for travelers to visit like Promenade de Anglais, Marc Chagall Museum, Museé Matisse, Cours Saleya,c. You can experience fun activities like beachside bike riding, Mediterranean Diving, Coastal Drive, and many more.

Nice, France in June
Source- Unsplash

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3. Cannes

You must have heard of the famous Cannes Film festival, this festival is what attracts the most noise to this city. Hundreds come in just to see the festival. Places like Lerin Islands, Boulevard de la Croisette, Palais des Festivals, île Sainte- Marguerite are worth visiting. This town is also known for Coastal hiking, city marinas, and its food markets.

Cannes, France in June
Source- Unsplash

4. The Island of Corsica

Want to visit the place where Napoleon was born? Well, Corsica is that place, it’s filled with visitors every year because of its breathtaking scenery, the snow-capped mountains, coastal landscapes, and pristine forests. This mesmerizing island is bordered by astonishing beaches, beautiful fishing ports, and seasides. You might as well see the vineyard on the mountains, or go on a yacht ride and a G20 hike is also a great option.

island of Corsica, france in June

5. Rocamadour

Present on the cliff of Dordogne’s National Park, Rocamadour looks like paradise. This place plays a role as a significant stop on the Route of Camino de Santiago pilgrim. It is also the third significant Christian Pilgrimage site during the 11th Century. The village is also home to seven centuries that come from the medieval era. The most famous one of these is Chapelle Notre-Dame, where a Virgin Mary figure is carved out with walnut wood, and this figure is connected to miracles.

Rocamadour, France in June
Source- Unsplash

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Things to do in France in June

When you plan a trip to France, you would be thinking of visiting the Eiffel Tower, gorgeous Persian boulevards, French Riviera, pastoral towns, etc. But do you know there is more to just sightseeing in France? You can do things to capture the essence of the French towns. Listed below are things you can add to your bucket list-

1.Take a seine River Cruise

Cruising through the Seine river is a great way to explore the beauty of France amidst a ravishing, comfortable experience. Travelers can pick from several of Bateaux-Mouches experiences, the daytime boat tours, brunch or lunch cruises, and even romantic dinner cruises. Cruising experience at night is a memorable one when the monuments along the Seine are illuminated and give an extraordinary experience.

2. Learn to cook traditional French cuisine in Burgundy

French cuisines are written on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Each region of France is embedded with mouth-watering cuisine, but Burgundy boasts of the most popular regional dishes. Cooking classes can be one way to indulge in the method of French cooking. Joining the culinary program will help you in knowing the history of French cuisine and where the lip-smacking dishes originated from.

3. Biking around Bordeaux

How about doing an activity that will boost your health along with calming your soul? Biking around Bordeaux will be a refreshing experience as the city boasts attractive views, vine-filled hills, grand castles, historic villages, and much more. A popular biking route, in the Entre-Deux-Mer region, is the Roger Lapébie bike path; this area is appreciated for its lush green environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions on France in June

1. Is June a good month to visit France?

Ans- The nicest time to tour France is in spring in the months of April-May, summer in the months of June-August, or autumn in the months of September-October. Spring is stunning across the nation, with lesser crowds and weather varying from 55°F to 68°F.

2. Does it rain in Paris in June?

Ans- In Paris, France, in June, it has been raining for 14.7 days, with generally 38mm (1.5″) of collected precipitation.

3. Which area of Paris is best for tourists to stay?

Ans- Marais, Saint Germain, Latin Quarter, The 7th, South Pigalle, Montmartre, The 1st are among the best areas to stay in Paris.

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