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Fulhadhoo Island: Perfect Place For A Romantic Getaway In Maldives

People always crave a break from the same old scenery, mundane routine life and the day to day city experiences. A vacation is to the Maldives is not only a treat to the eyes but also to the soul. You can enjoy the sandy white beaches and crystal clear blue waters while also relaxing your mind and body thoroughly. You will be secluded in an island almost all alone enjoying a luxurious resort. If that doesn’t sound appealing then what is? Refresh your mind and soul by visiting Fulhadhoo Island which is too beautiful to miss out on.

Fulhadhoo Island
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Vacations are when you get to understand yourself a little better and especially your companions a little more too. It is a good way to spend time off with your friends, family or better half and build stronger relationships. Find below the answers as to why you should pick Fulhadhoo Island to vacation in and what makes this an ideal romantic getaway with your special someone.

About Fulhadhoo Island

Southern Maalhosmadulu Atoll is one of the administrative parts of Maldives and this is where Fulhadhoo island is placed. Male, the capital city, is close to the northwest part of the island. The code of this area is Baa. The island is of 78 acres of land and has four smaller islands close by. This island is like a long extent of land as it is longer in size rather than broad. Hence, the breeze passes by more elegantly.

Credits: Unsplash

There is also a local village with 250 people residing in it. The people are dedicated to different forms of traditional industries to make money such as fishing which is a popular job on most of the islands in the Maldives.The island is encompassed by the sea on all four sides. Hence, due to which the local residents have restricted choice to pick from as their way of living.

The rest of Fulhadhoo island is otherwise made up of lagoons, tall green palm trees and sandy white beaches. It is located away from the bustling islands and flocking tourists which is advantageous for marine life as they can swim here without any concern of encountering humans. Fulhadhoo Island is a serene and calm island which is ideal for guests who just want to appreciate the scenic beauty and swim in the lagoons like they are little pools. As this island is not overly crowded with other humans, there are many natural reefs which continue to be untouched.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Fulhadhoo Island?

Fulhadhoo Island does no occur any harsh weather conditions making it easy to visit all year round. The best time to go to the island is between July – October. This is because the sea level is at the perfect height and the weather is pleasant to relax. Maldives islands are world renowed for their crystal blue waters and dense green forests. Fulhadhoo is one of such islands and is a great romantic getaway for couples who are looking to have a splendid time.

Things To Do On Fulhadhoo Island

1. Unwind on a beach

Fulhadhoo Island beach
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The sandy white beaches and immense scenic beauty are the main reasons why people want to visit these islands. You can relax and enjoy your leisure time tanning under the sun or going through a book or gaze at the shoreline in front of you. Spend some quality time on the beach watching the sun go down with your loved one. You will find most people sunbathing under the hot sun. Find your own spot and enjoy the beach. You can even grab a beach volleyball and make some new friends while playing on the beach.

2. Snorkelling

This is the most popular activity Things to do in Maldives. This water sport can not be missed out on when in Fulhadhoo Island. Most resorts offer this activity and you can book a guided trip on the spot at your resort. You can even hire the gear and go out on your own into the waters if you don’t wish to book any sessions.

3. Scuba diving

Scuba diving
Credits: Unsplash

The reefs are so natural and untouched that it is one of the best places to scuba dive. The activity is a must-do and one of the most places to experience it in the entire world. There are not distinct diving sites on this island so you can go ahead without taking professional assistance. You must know the basics of diving as this is not a place for first-timers.

In conclusion, Fulhadhoo Island is where you can enjoy scenic beauty and also the local culture. Tourists can interact with the friendly local people and learn more about life on this island and the history behind this island. Exploring Fulhadhoo Island is an adventure in itself. There are many hidden spots all across Fulhadhoo Island waiting to be discovered. Hurry up! Book a Maldives holiday package with Pickyourtrail.

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