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Sri Lanka
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Galle Face Green Colombo – History, How to Reach, Things to Do

Sri Lanka is such a wonderful destination in the world, Every life has to visit at least once Sri Lanka to fulfil their life. It is also known as the “Teardrop of India” because the beautiful shape of the island is like a teardrop. It has also been called ” The pearl of the Indian Ocean”, As said yes it is the Pearl of the Indian Ocean with its beauty, culture and green carpet atmosphere. Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka, which is one of the largest and busiest cities in Sri Lanka. Let’s see one of the important tourist spots that never failed to attract tourist which is Galle Face Green in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka
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Overview of Galle Face Green

Galle Face Green is a 522720 Square foot of urban park for 500 Meters along the Coast, which is located in heart of the Colombo surrounded by a busy area. It is a large open space between the Indian Ocean and Galle road for people to play and enjoy. Initially, Galle Face green was used for Horse racing, Golf, Cricket, Rugby, tennis and football. Galle Face Green in Sri Lanka is now considered to be one of the Largest attraction which attracts not only tourist but also Local visitors to spend a good time.


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History of Galle Face Green

Let go back a bit into the Eighteenth Century century to see the History of Sri Lanka to know about Galle Face Green. Sir Henry Ward, Governer of British Ceylon had initially planned the structure of Galle Face Green. The actual plan of Galle Face Green was much bigger than what it is now.

There are many stories that came about this place. some of the stories say it was built for fair Ladies by the Governor to get some fresh air and few other stories say it was built for defence purpose to keep Cannons against the invasions of the Portuguese. It was finally built in the year 1859 after years of laborious hard work.

How to Reach Galle Face Green

In Sri Lanka, Galle Face Green is one of the easily accessible locations since it is located in Busy City. Simple reachable in 30 mins car ride from Colombo Airport, If you take a bus within an hour you can reach the Galle Face Green. There are 3 railway stations which located within 15-25 Mins walk nearby the Galle Face Green. Gale Face Green Beach is free for everyone to visit and it is open throughout the year. The busy and crowded time it starts at 4 pm.

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Things to Do at Galle Face Green

Galle Face Green is Located in Central point of the city, Which make it more convenient for tourist as well as for local people to visit without any difficulties. Let see Exciting things we can do in Galle Face Green and around it.

1. Sunset at Galle

Sunset in Galle is a special view that all the tourist would love to experience. The good time for Galle Face Green to see the Sunset is from 4 pm. You may think 4 pm is too early, yes going a bit early will make your full experience of the sunset. The blue water with the sound of non-stop waves hitting the shores, colour changing passing sky and passing clouds and Golden Sunset. One has to be blessed to get to see all these Wonderful at least once during your stay in Sri Lanka.

Sunset at Galle Sri Lanka
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2. Mouthwatering foods at Galle Face Green

You might feel hungry during the visit in the evening to see the beauty of Sunset, so here you can have some Mouth-watering foods. While you’re enjoying the sunset you can grab some evening snacks from demanded local street food shops. Shops will be starting to pull out their stalls to make some fresh & delicious foods as soon as before the sunset time begins.

The most famous street food shop in Galle Face Green is Nana’s Toyna is one of the best-known street food shop. Anthony Bourdain is one the Famous American Chef was brought to this shop by Dharshan Munidasa, owner-chef of the Ministry of Crab during one of the shows in Season 10 of Parts unknown. One of the famous food is Kothu Paratto with Chicken, Beef Shawarma, Devilled prawns with chapati, Elephant Ginger beers, Hoppers & Sri Lankan curries

Image Credits: Unsplash

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3. Galle Face Hotel

Galle face hotel is one of the oldest property builds by the British in the year 1864 Governor. Initially, it was a Dutch villa called Galle face house. Later in 1870 and 1894 hotel was expanded by landing land around it and in 1894 Edward Skinner ( architect ) has completed the design for the Galle face hotel’s south wing which still remains unchanged even after multiple extensive restorations. This hotel has 3 Restaurants, 3 Bars & a Pub. Tourist used spent 1 night stay in Galle to enjoy and explore around the Galle city

There are many Indian famous people who Visited Galle face hotel, some of them are Mahatma Gandhi, First Prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi- Prime minister of India.

Attractions Near Galle Face Green

They are some attraction near Galle Face Green, where you spent you day time before going to Galle Face Green Beach & night Market

1. Viharamahadevi Park

Viharamahadevi park is located just 30 Min walk from Galle Face Green. This park is famous because of the statue of Queen Victoria, Queen Viharamahadevi Statue & Anagarika Dharmapala Statue.

2. Gem Museum

You can see different types of Sri Lankan Gems in this Museum, As of now, there is no entry fee to visit the Gem museum, Staffs who is working there will explain to you about the gems Showcased over there. you can also do some shopping around there.


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There are few more places around Galle Face green, Which are Gangaramaya Temple, National Museum Colombo, Seema Malakya, Beira Lake, Independence Square etc. To explore more in Sri Lanka, check out these Sri Lanka tourism packages from India, with Pickyourtrail. If you need any help we just a ring away to answer your queries.

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