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Georgia in WInter
Written by Nigilesh on July 24, 2020 Share on

Georgia in Winter

The Country of Georgia has a unique location, as it is located in the intersection of two continents – Europe and Asia. Having Tbilisi as its capital, this is one of the well-growing tourist destinations around the world. The travellers from around the world travel to this part of the world to enjoy their time in the black sand beaches and the natural landscapes. There are several reasons to visit this fantastic place in summer. Let’s look at the best things to do in Georgia in winter.

During winter, the temperature ranges between 2 to 5-degree Celsius and at times goes below 0 degrees. And if you are a snow lover, then there can’t be a better time to visit this place. In terms of activities, Skiing is the most popular one among travellers.

9 Things to do in Georgia in Winter

  • Tbilisi – The capital city
  • Abanotubani Sulphur bath
  • Museums in Tbilisi
  • Vardzia – Cave city
  • Gudauri – A ski trip
  • Mount Kazbegi
  • Pump your adrenaline with Heli-skiing
  • The Scenic train journey – Kukushka
  • Volcanic Lake

1. Explore the capital

The capital city Tbilisi is the largest city in the country of Georgia. This place might not be in the best of forms during winter. This places very rarely see below 0 degrees temperature. It still is worth visiting for a few reasons. You could take part in some guided tours to witness the iconic places in the city. Rustaveli Avenue is a famous place for travellers to take a nice stroll in the city. Also, there is an opera house as well as a theatre on this Avenue if you are wondering about the things to do in Georgia in Winter.

2. Abanotubani Sulphur bath

The ancient district of the capital is called Abanotubani and it is well known for the sulphur baths. The bath is set to have medicinal benefits because of the minerals in the water. If at all you are feeling cold while you are in this city, you can always enter any of the bathhouses. You can choose between various packages available with different durations. This surely is a peaceful and also a relaxing activity to do in Georgia in winter.

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3. Museums in Tbilisi

Museums in Tbilisi
Source: Google Images

The capital city is filled with various exhibitions and museums. This would be the perfect way to understand the role of this place in Europe’s history. You can also awe at the architectures and the crafts. This also takes you back to the time when soviet ruled this place. Georgian national museum is one of the notable ones. In fact, there is a museum for kids as well, called the museum of illusions which shouldn’t be missed. There will be entrance fees for all the museums.

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4. Vardzia – The cave city

This site is located to the southern part of Georgia and it was constructed around the 12th century. This site was unearthed only in the 17th and partly in the 18th century. This place can be easily accessed from Aspindza, just half an hour by road. Visiting this place could be one of the best things to do in Georgia in winter. The Vardzia city has been termed as the UNESCO world heritage centre and is a perfect example of cave architecture. You could also see some murals. Even though this could be visited anytime round the year, the snow adds some special touch to this ancient wonder.

5. Gudauri – A ski trip

Ski trip in Gudauri
Source: Google Images

Winter in Georgia without Skiing is like India without Taj Mahal. Gudauri is located in the Southern part of the caucasian mountain ranges. And is one of the famous ski resorts in Georgia. For the locals, this would be a wonderful weekend trip. Along with skiing, the stunning views of the mountain range is another reason for people to visit this place.

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6. Mount Kazbegi

This is situated very close to the Gudauri and is completely a different place when compared to Gudauri. People would often combine these two places during their visit. You could probably end your day after your ski trip to Gudauri. Also, this would give a perfect combination of History with some adventure sport. The Church of the Gergeti Trinity is the most famous attraction here.

7. Pump your adrenaline with Heli-skiing

Source: Google Images

This is a slightly modified adventure sport that was derived from typical Skiing. This is a very new adventure sport that most destination won’t be able to provide. But in recent times, this is attaining popularity as a most destination has started providing this. Gudauri mentioned above is a perfect place for this kind of adventure sport. If you are interested in testing out your physical capability, then this is one of the best things to do in Georgia in winter.

A chopper is used to reach to the untouched parts of the slopes, where people can not reach by foot. After boarding the helicopter with skiing kits, you will be blown away to see the majestic slopes from above. In fact, there is a bit of risk as these are untouched parts of the slope and might be vulnerable to slides.

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9. The Scenic train journey – Kukushka

Imagine travelling on a train through the snow-covered landscapes. Kukushka is the name of the train that starts its journey from Borjomi to Bakuriani. On your way to Bakuriani, you will be amazed to see the snowy springwood and you will come across a beautiful bridge which was constructed by the French civil engineer Gustave Eiffel. Of course, winter is the best time to take this train journey as it would be extraordinarily scenic.

10. Volcanic Lake

 Volcanic Paravani Lake
Source: Google Images

As the name implies this lake is believed to be formed by a volcanic eruption that took place way back in time. This was discovered only after a few divers saw some tombs underwater during one of their routine dives. In fact, this is the largest in the whole of Georgia covering a missive 37.5 square kilometres.

Later, the tombs found were identified as vessels and ceramics used during the Bronze age. Fishing is one of the famous activities as the lake has a rich aquatic life. Located at just a 3-hour drive from the capital city this surely should be on the bucket list of things to do in Georgia in Winter.

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