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Germany in August
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Germany in August – Top 5 Places to Visit, Weather and Festivals

August is the height of Germany’s summer season, when many Europeans are on vacation, making city activities and events, such as a two-week music festival in Berlin, even more fun and busy. Alternatively, from the Bavarian Alps to the Baltic shore, there are countless outdoor attractions and national parks to choose from. Scroll down to know more exciting things about Germany in August!

Weather in Germany in August

Summer in Germany is still in full swing in August, with warm  (often) sunny days and late sunsets, and lots of activities to enjoy. Attentive people may find that as autumn approaches, the hours of sunshine become shorter towards the end of the month. 

The heat and humidity are highest, especially in the southern and southwestern parts of the country (along with July). Berlin, the capital of the country, has average daily maximum and minimum temperatures of 75°F (24°C) and 57°F (14°C). Frankfurt is usually the warmest city in Germany, with average daily maximum and minimum temperatures of 77°F (25°C) and 59°F (15°C). Places in the Bavarian Alps, such as Garmisch-Partenkirchen, will feel cool, especially near the highest peak in Germany, Zugspitze, due to their high altitude. The coastal areas of northern Germany can also benefit from the refreshing breeze. 

Germany in August
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 Stack several pieces of breathable summer clothing for early morning and late night. And bring a raincoat and umbrella (due to the occasional downpour that often dries quickly by the sun) and sunscreen for long days of sightseeing and outdoor adventures.

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Top 5 places to visit in Germany in August

1. The Old Town in Nuremberg

The historic city of Nuremberg (Nuremberg) has long been recognized as one of Germany’s most important and oldest cultural, spiritual and commercial centres. If you are visiting, you should spend most of your time exploring the “Old Town” or the Old Town area of ​​the city. The  5 km walled old town is perfect for exploring on foot. Especially if you take the time to guide you with curiosity. 

Germany in August
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2. Dresden Frauenkirche

The city of Dresden has another notable story about its reconstruction after the devastation of World War II. The old town here is home to the elegant Frauen church, a magnificent church that was considered one of the best examples of Baroque architecture throughout Europe when it was built in 1743. Also, take advantage of the opportunity to visit the dome of the church, which offers spectacular views of the city. Check the attractions’ website for upcoming concerts and events, as well as regular service schedules. 

Germany in August
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3. Frankfurt’s Main Tower

Germany is best known for its many wonderful historical buildings, but it is also well known in the world of modern architecture. One of the best examples is in Frankfurt, a former imperial city that is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s most important financial centres. The city’s business district, now known as “Manhattan,” nods to its riverside location and the many skyscrapers that now decorate its skyline, giving a clear North American feel to the city’s business district.

 Frankfurt's Main Tower
Source: Unsplash

4.  Reichstag Building, Berlin

The Parliament Building, home of the German government,  is one of the most visited attractions in Berlin. Built-in the Neo-Renaissance style in 1894, it burned down in 1933 and was abandoned after the reunification of Germany until it was rebuilt in its former glory. One of the changes made was to the central dome, which is the huge dome of the building. Glass was chosen instead of the traditional wooden or metal dome, making this space a major tourist attraction.

Reichstag Building, Berlin
Source: Unsplash

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5.  Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria

Rothenburg, the city of the former Franconia Empire, is one of the most attractive places on the tourist route of Germany’s famous Romantic Road. Located on the steep embankment of the scenic Tauber River, it is famous for its walls and towers that have remained untouched since the Thirty Years War in 1618. This fully preserved, the picturesque medieval town offers endless charm. One of the most popular things about Rothenburg ob der Tauber is taking a walking tour.

Rothenburg ob der  Tauber, Bavaria
Source: Unsplash

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Festivals in Germany in August

Frankfurt Museum Embankment Festival

Held on the last weekend of August, this three-day festival celebrates museums, stage shows and presentations. 

Richard Wagner Festival Bayreuth

This annual event celebrates 19th-century opera composers at the former Bavarian house in Bayreuth, an opera house called the Festspiel House, shaped by Wagner. This event is sold out every year and tickets must be booked in advance. 

Music Festival, Berlin 

Organized by the Berlin Philharmoniker, this two-week festival in the capital will be performed by musicians and orchestras from around the world. 

A long night at a museum in Berlin

One night in August, the museum in Berlin opens late at night, with special exhibitions and performances. 

Rothenburg Wine Festival, Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Wine festivals will be held throughout Germany at this time of the year, but at local restaurants (some with Michelin stars) and the wine festival in the medieval old town of Rothenburg celebrating Franconia wines. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Germany in August

1. What is the hottest month in Germany?  

The hottest month in Germany in July, with an average temperature of 34 degrees Celsius.

2. How is the weather in Germany in July?  

In July, temperatures in Germany could skyrocket to the late twenties.

3. How is the weather in Germany in June?

The German weather in June is a welcoming summer with long and warm days to spend a comfortable time in Germany. The average temperature in Germany is around 22 degrees Celsius.

4. Is it raining a lot in Germany?

Yes, Germany is a place you can visit all year round. Rainfall in Germany occurs throughout the year. Rainfall peaks in summer in different parts of Germany. 

5. Which city in Germany has the best weather?

Karlsruhe, Mainz, Frankfurt am Mainz, Offenbach am Mainz, Magdeburg, Berlin, Fürth and Wiesbaden are fairly decent in terms of weather.

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