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Rent a bicycle in Florence
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Get Around on Two Wheels – Rent Bicycle in Florence

Cycling through Florence can be a definite adventure and is used by many Florentines as their sole means of transportation. Hence we recommend to Rent Bicycle in Florence. Historical parts of Florence have a number of areas that still remain closed to motor traffic and hence, getting around on the bicycle is the most convenient option for Florentines.

Tourists on the other hand, need to be mindful of the motorists that can try to cut you off while on road; so if you’re up for a challenge then, renting a bicycle is most feasible. Florence in itself is a beautiful region and is considered to be a breeze while explored on bike. The drive through the scenic streets with small little eateries and the very backdrop of nature is a treat to your eye. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised, as you travel through Florence on your bicycles – hoping to experience an adventure of a lifetime.

Follow the Rules

Rent a Bicycle in Florence
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There are about 90kms of bike pathways and plans to add another 20kms by the end of 2020 have begun. Tourists renting bicycles need to be well informed that the ‘Florence City Hall,’ does not permit cyclists to drive through one-way streets. Identification of streets that are wide enough for two-way travel has commenced by the standard rule bars tourists from allowing tourists to cycle in the opposite direction.

There really is no better way for you to explore the city, than through bike. So let go of the sophistication and ensure you rent a bike or two; as you travel through the streets of the region. Regardless of whether you’re with family or are a couple on your honeymoon, either way this truly is the best experience you’ll have. Florence has some great roads and makes for some of the best cycling journeys you’d have been on. The scenic region, some delicious small little eateries, the scenic beauty of the place and just the exciting/vibrant atmosphere of the region – is a great deal to soak in. So if you’re a first time visitor to Florence, don’t hesitate to rent out some bicycles while on your trip.

As you cycle through the streets, you explore the smaller things the place has in store for you. The locals are friendly and ever helpful, so if you’re stuck and are in need of some help along the way – don’t hesitate to ask for help. The streets of Florence has a unique vibe to itself, as your cycle your way through –  don’t rush, instead cycle slow and let the beauty of the place soak deep into you. After all, it could just be a once in a lifetime chance so why ruin in. Stop by some great restaurants and try out some delicious local cuisine or maybe even stop by a souvenir shop or two and take back some amazing memories.

As you cycle your way through, we’ve listed out a couple of things for you to keep in mind; while on your cycling journey. Please keep in mind that the region also has a couple of basic rules for tourists to follow, so make sure to read the list below and be updated on the same.

If you are caught travelling in the opposite pathway as well, then you are required to pay fines that amount to about 41 Euros. Tourists cycling through the city-centre in specific need to be extremely cautious of their routing. The only solution for tourists is to hop off the bicycle and continue walking the other way around. Rent Bicycle in Florence to have a great time!

Tourists also need to keep in mind that there is no place identified for the parking of your bicycles. Remember not to park your bicycles along the sideways, do not ride the bike along crossways; trying to find bike racks and parking your bicycles at the rack – remains the most convenient option. If you do not follow the strict rules that have been put place, get ready to face expensive fines along the way.

“Mille e una bici” Bike Rentals

“Mille e una bici” is a program run by the Florence City Council tourists to use bicycles through the “Mille e una bici” program. Detailed information regarding the rules and regulations of renting out the bicycles are provided on the official website. 

Tourists can hire bicycles at the following points

Hire bicycles in Florence
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  • The central railway station (Firenze SMN). Bicycles can be rented between March-October (Monday-Saturday 8 am-7 pm); in June-September (Sundays 9 am-7 pm.) and from November-February between (Monday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm.)
  • Piazza Ghiberti. Renting is available from March-October Monday-Saturday (9 am-6 pm) and from November-February Monday-Saturday (10 am-5 pm)

It’s important for tourists to follow all of the above-mentioned points. The police remain extremely strict and serious about the road safety measures in the region, so ensure you’ve to stay safe and know all of the rules up to date. Also, please don’t fret to park your bicycle and explore the region on foot – Florence offers some of the most scenics of streets and it’s a charming experience to just stroll through the streets of the region. It’s essential for tourists to remember where you’ve parked your bicycle though, as you’ll have to return them before you head all the way back. So ensure you Rent Bicycle in Florence, don’t get lost and know your directions, in case you need help – ask for it !!

Rental Rates

The cost of Rent Bicycle in Florence per bicycle varies depending on whether you’re a tourist or a resident of Florence. If you’re a tourist, the average rental price is 2 euros for one hour, 5 euros for 5 hours and 10 euros per day. 

Mo-bike Revolution 

This is a mo-bike sharing revolution wherein, you can pick up a bicycle that’s parked across the city, from anywhere you want. You will have to download an app and you can avail the mo-bike services for yourself.

Does the thought of renting a bicycle and exploring the landscapes of the Tuscan countryside excite you? Let us plan a Florence tour trip, you won’t forget !! We at Pickyourtrail ensure our best travel experience is put into planning your vacation. Let’s get started!

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