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Get paid to move to this gorgeous Italian town of Candela!

For all those who are on the constant quest to get paid to travel, here’s something that comes very, very close. Nicola Gatta, Mayor of the quaint picturesque Italian town of Candela has offered to pay people to move to his town!

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In the face of rapid decline of population – from 8000 to 2300 today, the Mayor announced financial incentives of €800, €1200 and €1800 for singletons, couples and families of three respectively. As if this wasn’t a sweet enough deal, plans to offer tax credits on waste disposals, nurseries and bills was announced. Surrounded by miles of hills and forests, this set away far from crowds and pollution.

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Adorned with stunning churches and winding valleys, families from north Italy have already moved here. It’s open to foreign applicants, too. All you need to seal the deal is job that pays €7500 per year. With that you are good to move here, any day!

Are you game? 😉

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