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Goa tourism
Written by Swathi on September 2, 2020 Share on

Happy times are here again, Goa borders are open now!

Yes, you read the title right. Goa, the most vibrant state of India has opened its borders for tourists with a new twist. Ever since the opening up of interstate borders was announced, restrictions with regards to e-pass and quarantine were also lifted. Goa which is considered as the party hub of India has decided to welcome tourists and do away with any kind of testing, e-pass or quarantine. The state has also decided to open up its bars, restaurants and cafes with safety measures in place.

What are the measures?

Beach shacks
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The quarantine and lockdown period has been a physically and emotionally challenging time for many. The removal of all kinds of restrictions in Goa for tourists comes as a relief. The Chief Minister of Goa, Pramod Sawant said that there will be no kind of permits or e-pass required to enter the state. A COVID negative certificate or observing a quarantine period is also not mandatory.

Goa is ensuring that social distancing and safety measures are followed in all the tourist places. This includes wearing masks, regular temperature checks and other precautions. Apart from casinos and beach shacks, other hotels and restaurants have opened up for tourists. Considering that the monsoon is just around the corner, the government has decided to open casinos only after that.

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What is the way forward?

Goa beach sunset
Image source: Pixabay

Although COVID-19 has affected many people across India, Goa had recorded the least number of cases in the month of May. There has been a considerable stagnation in the number of cases reported in Goa ever since and it’s due to this reason that it was called as a green zone. But the cases have been rising steadily last month. The chief minister has stated that social distancing norms have to be adhered to in the state.

You might be wondering why the state is opening up if there is a steady rise in cases. This is the scenario in almost all states in India, but let’s not forget about the recovery rate as well. A state like Goa is highly dependent on tourism for the betterment of its economy. The Tourism Ministry of Goa is striving hard to ensure that the economy is up and running with the help of the travel industry. Although it is a long shot, they are hopeful that people will start travelling if safety measures are in place.

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In conclusion

Reviving the economy is one of the major projects which every other country is focusing on. It is unknown as to when the virus will subside and that is the reason that we are talking about the ‘new normal’ at this time. Until a vaccine is announced, we have to accept the new normal and adhere to the safety precautions. There is no better way to ensure the same apart from maintaining social distancing and personal hygiene. Travel is an evergreen industry and that is a fact written in gold. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is impossible to do away with travel altogether until the end of time.

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