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Written by Rohitha Bollipalli on December 19, 2018 Share on

Great Ocean Road- All the free pit-stops you could make along the ride

Anything that has the word ‘Great’ in it, should never go down without being a wild trip. So let me take you for a spin this Great Ocean Road trip. This is gonna be super-awesome. As the name suggests, there’s gonna be a lot of beaches. A lot of it! So pack your bags now. The best of Australia is just a click away.

Day 1

9 AM

Even though this road isn’t part of the main Great Ocean Road‘s path, the line tracing from Melbourne’s city centre through the famous Yarra River is a beautiful one. You’ll find the below attractions on the way.

Torquay, known famously for the dolphins and it’s geographically aided location for surfing. Al the main players in surfing merchandise have set up shop in this coastal town. This is where the Great Ocean Road conventionally starts, with tiny anchors dotting the roadways at regular intervals.

Bells Beach nearby is a famous surfer’s beach that’s known to host several Australian surfing championships each year.

Anglesea is where the Great Ocean Road, rightfully meets the ocean. The numbers of kangaroos that blissfully hop in and out the scene are notable. After a trudge down the road, you’ll find the ocean joining you panoramically.

Further down, Aireys Inlet is a memorable 19th-century lighthouse that is still functional. Around this lighthouse, you’ll find imposing trees standing tall and seeing you off on your journey. It’s a beautiful sight to watch. Note that all the above locations are knitted closely together being mere minutes apart.

Aireys Inlet
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1 PM

After a quick ride from this point, you’ll find yourself in Lorne, a delightful little seaside village that has been around for a long time since. With suitable accommodations and bed-n-breakfasts for every traveller, you could log in for a good night of fish ‘n’ chips.

Following Lorne, on the way to Apollo Bay, you’ll come across Kennett River, where you’ll find loads and loads of  Koala bears hanging from the trees. The Kennett Riverwalk will amuse you for a day at least.

3 PM

Finally, when you reach Apollo Bay, you’ll see the biggest urban settlement in all of the journeys and probably meet a lot of other travellers waiting to lay off for a day or two. The country’s best seafood is served here, with seafood festivals popping up now and then.

12 Apostles Lodge Walk takes you around 12 Apostles and gives you stunning aerial views of the ocean. Trust me, this was of one day, will not be very challenging, but will reward you with the best angles of the Great Ocean Road

12 Apostles Lodge Walk

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4 PM

Port Campbell is another place to check out dolphins and go exploring into the forests and cliffs of the region.

Furthermore, the Bay of Islands, as the name says it, is full of spectacular rock formations that are glorious in the event of sunsets. These rocky islands, much bigger than the apostles, are very memorable, as they form the last major pit-stop in the Great Ocean Road.

After this point, you could visit the famous Allansford Cheese world for a quick bite after that tiring day of travel, or just return back straight to Melbourne to your hotel.

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