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This is what you can do on a quick trip to Greece and Turkey

Unless you have been living under a big fat rock, you probably already know that Greece is a magical haven for every lusty wanderer. Ever. Years ago when devastation and elegance fell in love afloat the Aegean coasts, Greece and Turkey happened. Spectacular islands, understood. Even ruins are magnificent? Much fair to say these destinations ace the art of falling gracefully.

If you think this post is just about hopping the flawless islands and falling head over heel over the ancient ruins that Greece and Turkey hold dear, stay tuned. Let’s get to a small-talk on how you can go about these two destinations when you plan last minute.

The mandatory Santorini — Marvel at the pride of Greece whilst devouring a glass of some phenomenal Assyrtiko.

What is Mykonos known for other than its thumping nightlife? Pita Gyros! You should actually consider cheating on your diet for a bit.

Do the reflect-on-life impression after a charming hike to the Meteora monasteries in Kalabaka.

Halt for catching on some truly mediterranean delight at Naxos, the largest island of the Cyclades.

Naxos islands

And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out the funkiest streets of Greece in Naxos. Greece is not just about its age-old Greek myths perhaps!

Kayak the crystal-clear waters sneaking through the utterly fascinating Melissani caves.

Renounce your rationality for a while and dive deep into exploring the many exciting mythologies surrounding the life of Pythia, the priestess of Apollo.

Stroll the fun-tastic Pittakki streets to socialise with the locals.

Shop your heart out in the truly Greek-y Monastiraki streets, the shopping haven of Greece.

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Find some epic souvenirs to adorn your Greece memories with in Monastiraki — the absolute show stealer is the traditional briki, the coffeepot. Also, the intensely flavourful Greek coffee is second to none!

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_ CAFE BACH . . . 🇹🇷 TERKISH COFFEE 🇹🇷 . . ルーツとなった珈琲屋さんを私的に巡ってみる。 足立区方面は全く無縁のテリトリー故実はハジメマシテのバッハさん(バッハさんの所在地は台東区だけれども)、バッハブレンドと迷いメニューを見て気になったターキッシュコーヒーを頂いた。 挽いたビンズと砂糖をイブリックと言う銅製の柄杓型の小鍋に入れて煮立て、上澄み液のみを飲むトルコ式コーヒー。 TIESさんとかあとは蕪木さんにもあったかな、ネルドリップで淹れるお店で度々見る銅製の小鍋、何に使うんだろうと気になっていて、形的に何か良くて漠然と欲しいなと思っていた小鍋、この小鍋の名がイブリックだと言う事を今日初めて知った。 粉っぽさはあるものの深みもコクもあって角の少ない丸みのある味わい、甘さもちょうどいい。 付け合わせは自家製オレンジフィナンシェ、序でにチーズケーキも頂いちゃった。 お客様が途切れなく引っ切り無し、とりわけ常連さんがメインのようで、予約してるクリスマスケーキを取りに来るお客様が沢山いらした。 グリーンのエプロンをしたスタッフ様たちは皆テキパキ動いていて忙しいのに丁寧な対応をして下さる。 そして皆笑顔で本当に気持ちがいい。 ここに来たきっかけをお話したらとても喜んで下さった。 初っ端からバリエーションコーヒーを頂いてしまったので次に来る機会があったらバッハブレンドを頂いてみたいな。 ごちそうさまでした。 . . . 20171223

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Take a photographic tour via the Dionysiou Areopagitou streets, the 18th century walkway that unifies the classic archaeological sites of Athens. All of Athen’s charm is stashed away in this content little pathway.

Greece -> Turkey — One of those times when the journey is as astonishing as the destination! Turkey is just an hour away from Greece by ferry, from any of the Greek islands.

Catch a glimpse of the whole of Istanbul by hopping on to the Galata tower.

Try for once what it is to live by the sea at Kekova, the turquoise paradise straddling the Ucagız and Kalekoy villages.

Last minute plan or a year-long meticulous one, vacations can be truly elevated with a touch of Pickyourtrail. Get prepared for the utterly delightful Europe vacation, just as you dreamt it.

Epic Greece getaway just around the corner


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