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Phong Nha Cave in Vietnam
Written by Preetha Manivelan on May 18, 2020 Share on

A Guide To Phong Nha Cave In Vietnam – Everything You Need To Know

Vietnam attracts people from all over the world with its fascinating history, delicious food and spectacular landscapes. There are so many attractions in Vietnam to experience while you are there. Out of which, is the Phong Nha Cave which is also designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Find below the guide to Phong Nha Cave in Vietnam and things to do while you are there.

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Phong Nha Cave in Vietnam
Photo by Jeppe Hove Jensen on Unsplash

Guide to Phong Nha Cave in Vietnam

Phong Nha Cave is situated in the Phong Nha National park in Vietnam. It is one of the many popular caves in the county. What makes this cave is so special is because of how well-preserved and wild it is. Out of which, the rock formations are very famous. Here is everything that the cave has, to make sure you have a thrilling experience. Keep reading this guide to know what to explore in Phong Nha Cave in Vietnam.

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Inside Phong Nha Cave
Image Credits: Google Images

Best time to visit

The ideal way to start the guide to Phong Nha Cave in Vietnam is by starting it with the best time to visit the cave. The area experiences a tropical monsoon climate. So, it is best to visit during April to August as there might be heavy rainfall from September to March. Moreover, there are high chances that the caves would be closed during rains.

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Things to do in Phong Nha Cave

Below is the list of top 5 things to do while you are there at Phong Nah Cave:

  1. Cave tours
  2. Cave camping
  3. Dark Cave
  4. Paradise Cave
  5. Son Doong Cave

1. Cave tours

You can take a boat to explore the cave. The best way to have experience in a budget is by hiring a boat along with other travellers and book a tour. This includes exploring other caves besides Phong Nha Cave. There is a separate entry ticket fee that has to be paid at the cave.

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2. Cave camping

Booking a tour of the Hang En Cave. The tour includes hiking into the jungle, Camping on the beach, swimming in the pool, having dinner and returning the next day.

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3. Dark cave

Dark cave or Hang Toi is a part of Phong Nha Cave which is especially for the people which like adventures. You can reach Kayaking or Zipline to reach the entrance and explore this dark cave by either taking a group or a private tour. You can even try swimming and take a mud bath in the cave.

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4. Paradise cave

Visit the Thien Duong Cav, popularly known as the Paradise Cave. It is one of the most beautiful caves to visit. You can take an electric cart to reach the entrance and walk inside the cave through wooden pathways and explore. However, only 1 km of the cave is open to the tourist people.

Paradise Cave in Vietnam.
Image Credits: Google Images

5. Son Doong Cave

Trekking the Son Doong gives you an all-round experience of camping, hiking, climbing and many more. Exploring this large caves takes almost 5 days and this is especially for the adventure lovers out there. Take this adventure with your partner by booking a Vietnam Honeymoon Package. A guide to Phong Nha Cave in Vietnam is incomplete without mentioning Son Doong Cave.

Son Doong Cave in Vietnam
Image Credit: Google Images

Interesting facts about the Phong Nha Cave

  • The cave was used as a hiding place and also a hospital during the American war and later became the cave with a beautiful national park.
  • In 2003, the national park was named as Phong Nha-Ke Bang after the Phong Nha Cave. Also, UNESCO declared it a world heritage site.
  • A Vietnamese man named Duong Van An wrote about the cave in the year 1550.

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There might not be too many buildings with engineering involved and no rapid development like what the rest of the country has. But what Phong Nha Cave has for you is nature. Visiting these caves are one of the best things to do while heading to Vietnam. Hope the guide to Phong Nha Cave gave you an insight into this place in Vietnam. Check out the Vietnam tour packages that we have for you and explore the best experience in Vietnam with Pickyourtrail.

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