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Your happy little pill – travelling

It is one thing to find yourself complaining about that daily traffic where somebody didn’t turn on their indicator. Or were cruising on the wrong lane. Or brushed past your vehicle like they were wind and not a humongous four-wheeler with a jutting butt. So with fists raised high and voice even higher, you complain. On the road. Off the road. And even during light-hearted dinner conversations. The scrupulous driver in you flares up every time you think of the incident. Ugh, the travail that travel poses. Oh, but what is with that vigorous head shake? You love travel? But not this kind? Oh, the kind you take to get away from this travel and other stresses life presents to you? Oh well, of course, I know what you are talking about. I imagine you are talking about the travel that involves long (not necessarily, though) journeys over tarmac, maybe water or air too. Maybe a little bit of luxury cruises, adventure sports, confusing cultures and living amongst people speaking languages you comprehend only as foreign noises. And this kind of travel fills you with a joy, the unspeakable kind. The kind that sends you on a different kind of high. Yes, we have all been there, haven’t we? (If you haven’t, well, what are you waiting for? Get Packing!) Want to know why travelling – even the thought of it – sends you on a giddy joy ride? Read on, then –

New experiences ~

Yes, this is a no-brainer. But travel gives us a horde of new experiences. From that vertigo-inducing moment right before you jumped off that cliff to the beautiful sunset you caught, as the sun dropped amongst the shadows of the mountains. Maybe you even tried fishing for the first time? And, that first catch – the feeling of accomplishment it filled you with, aah! Or maybe you miserably failed at that new activity you ventured on. And now, as you recall, you maybe giggling slightly, shaking your head – probably even repeating your fail-tale for a couple of laughs. The crux of all this? Memories! Travelling enables you to do things, stay at places that all eventually turn into a treasure trove of memories. Find yourself amidst a boring get-together with nothing to do? Maybe recall your epic fall on your first ever surfing class. Or even better, gather those people and get them laughing. 

Man jumping off cliff into the ocean. Summer fun lifestyle.
Image Credit : www.ultimate.travel

New friends ~

Do you ever just look at your best friend and ask yourself how you ever became friends? Despite sharing zero common interests, both of you have created memories enough to fill up novel trilogy. A friendship that began with a generic conversation has now culminated into hour-long conversations – and even, they don’t seem enough. Funny how the most minutest  conversations turn into life-long bonds. Whether hitching a bus ride, touring the museum or trying to find bunk-mates at that affordable hostel, travel has you keeping an open line of communication with the people around. Simply put, you need to talk people to get around a new place. And to watch these daily-need-based-conversations turn into bonds of friendship that last long after the vacation – what could be more beautiful than that?

Image Credit : www.geckosadventures.com

Unwind ~

Imagine setting home at a wooden cabin amongst those woods Robert Frost seemed to incessantly mention. The forest would feed you. Maybe, the animals would clothe you? Well, let’s not get into the nitty gritties, shall we? It is always an uplifting sensation to get away from responsibilities, (yes, a lot of times) people and that huge stack of work that you have consistently procrastinated. How do you leave behind something that is on your mind, you ask? Believe it or not, travel has that power over you. Striking an ‘o’ with your mouth, while gaping at the elegance of new places is a start. And, then, as you slowly soak in all that this new place has to offer, suddenly you have actually left behind all those responsibilities and work that you were stressing about. So with binoculars gripped tight, looking ahead from a top a mountain into the blue and purple that the sky is, what is work, you ask. But, hey, on the other hand a little getaway arms you with a whole new perspective. Care to, now, dance away your worries under this warm tropical sun? Join me!

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Me, Me, ME! ~

Ever wanted to sneak away mid-executive-meeting to catch that new Marvel movie on the very day of its release? Ever seriously considered taking a day off just to sleep in and laze around in your jammies? Do it now. Give yourself more love (and all those self-love one-liners)! But seriously many studies have stressed on the need to make time for oneself. Spending time with yourself helps you become more emotionally intelligent – non-fancily, it means being completely aware of your emotions – and consequently, happy. Because the more aware you are of your emotions, the better you know about what makes you happy. I mean, really, who would say no to a day racked with pampering for the body and soul – you know what I mean, FOOD and MASSAGES! And of course no local diner will satiate this stomach that is rumbling away! On board the flight, it is. Over the mountains and oceans, it is. Till you have found that quaint little town in a hill or that coastal treasure-trove of city. And here you get off, and here you reprise Eat, Pray, Love – your own version of it. The main theme being – you have, amongst foreign everything, found yourself.

Woman traveling by boat at sunset among the islands.
Image Credit : www.huffingtonpost.com

What if regeneration was possible? Hmm ~

If watching movies like Spiderman, the X-men series had you wishing something similar upon yourself, join in! Welcome to the future! Actually not. It is such a welcoming thought, though, isn’t it? To wake up one day as a completely new person. Back to reality, and things work on a completely different paradigm. So this maybe good news for you – travel makes you better person. Yaay. For a start, it makes you more creative, enhances your problem-solving skills. With all that exposure to new cultures, customs, people and habits; your horizons broaden, you tend to become more understanding and empathetic. Hey, who knew just vacation-ing it in a foreign place had such amazing benefits!

A fellow passenger looking off into the sunset on a train from Spain to France.
Image Credit : matadornetwork.com

Rediscover relationships ~

“But didn’t you say vacations were taken to get away from people too?” Tsk. Of course. But remember it is called a getaway because it’s temporary. And family and friendships are such a huge part of life. Despite fights, disagreements and dramatic gestures to move out, you have to agree they represent comfort, warmth and love even from thousand miles away. On second thoughts, especially thousand miles ( and more) away. Distance does make the heart grow fonder. And with so much distance between, you will actually have a chance to miss them. And as you cruise along the vacation doing all the fun stuff you had planned, unwarranted images of swimming with that annoying cousin of yours could spring up. Not to get you teary-eyed but, time away from family and friends helps you appreciate them more. On the other hand, travelling with your family and friends also helps build stronger bonds. So start planning that long-pending vacation – with or without your family and friends. It is a win-win either way!

Image Credit : www.fiverealmoms.com

The benefits of travel are endless, really. Travel is personal, in the sense, it brings happiness to people for different reasons. This is, of course, a known fact. Who would have thought it was a great character development tool, though? So travel and become a better person. Not that you aren’t. But what’s the harm in being a tad bit more awesome? Drop us Postcard, and let’s help you with that!

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