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Written by Shefali Ganesh on December 7, 2016 Share on

Happy Trails: Amazing Hikes You Can Do In A Day

Whether you’re a keen hiker or your walking boots are still sitting in the closet you won’t want to miss out on these All-American hot spots. Not only does hiking improve your health, climbing steep paths and clambering over rocks does wonders for your muscles, but you’re also knee deep in nature and breathing crisp, clean air. However, there isn’t always time for an epic three-day journey but thanks to our awesome list of these amazing hikes in the day we’ve got you covered!

Grand Canyon, Arizona

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Yup, you read that right! It is technically possible to hike the challenging twenty-three miles, rim to rim, of the majestic Grand Canyon. This hike is for experienced hikers only, people who have undergone similar length treks and those who practically, eat sleep and breathe the complete guide to hiking. The adventure starts at the Roaring Springs Canyon before heading into the Supai Tunnel. If you do need a break and a bit of a breather, there are some campgrounds to choose from including Cottonwood Camp and Bright Angel Playground. Again, this hike is rated very hard, many people including experts end up staying overnight at Plateau Point and start again the next day. If you do manage to conquer the canyon, not everyone does, stop at the gift shop and grab yourself a t-shirt –  you’ve earned it!


Rock Creek Park, Washington DC

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Ideal for those of you who fancy a quiet, meandering stroll the Washington Hills, Rock Creek Park takes around three hours to complete, is rated easy and has a well-established loop trail. You’ll start at the Pierce Mill, continuing to Beach Drive before crossing the Valley Trail bridge where you can gaze at your beautiful surroundings, listen to the bubbling stream and enjoy the feel of the warm sun on your back, the wind in your hair and the company of good friends.

Conundrum Hot Springs, Colorado

Image credit – getunderthesun

Who wouldn’t want to enjoying a relaxing soak in a natural hot spring at the end of a hard day’s hike? Starting in Aspen, Colorado you’ll walk through nine miles through lush, verdant terrain passing amazing scenery, fields full of wildflowers and rushing, burbling creeks. It’s another moderate ability hike, you’ll need a full day to complete the course, as well as plenty of drinks and snacks to keep you going. If possible, try to plan your hike for a weekday, the hot springs get pretty crowded at weekends and be warned clothing is optional!

Falls Creek Trail, South Carolina

Image credit – alltrails

Falls Creek is an excellent, quick and easy hike for moderate ability hikers and it’ll only take a couple of hours to complete. You’ll start your hike from Jones Gap near the ominous sounding Hospital Rock and make sure you’ve got extra comfy shoes on because you’ll need them. Straightaway the path gets pretty steep, and you’ll be hiking over 1000 feet of elevation as the trail progresses, but the views are breathtaking with plenty of beautiful flora and fauna to catch the eye as well the reward of seeing the stunning creek falls at the end of your journey.

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