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Written by Deepak K on December 2, 2017 Share on

Perilous Potions – A Harry Potter themed pop-up bar is coming to Edinburgh soon

It has been 20 years since the first book of Harry Potter came out. But the excitement is still afresh. The world phenomenon which has a cult following is one of the most successful stories ever told. And if you are a Potterhead (which has a high probability), then there is an exciting news coming your way. Named the Perilous Potions, a Harry Potter themed pop-up bar is coming to Edinburgh soon.

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Known for their theme inspired bars that draw on fictional works, Pop up Geeks who brought Blood & Wine – Game of Thrones inspired bar, Survive – Walking dead inspired bar, and The Upside Down – Stranger Things inspired bar, already teased the Potterheads on Social Media with the revelation of their upcoming project ‘Perilous Potions’, which will be based on the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Expected to launch sometime in January next year, Perilous Potions will be set up in Edinburgh. But the exact location of the themed bar is still a surprise. The close connection of Edinburgh with the Harry Potter universe is one of the main reasons for the bar to be open in the capital city. J.K. Rowling who still lives in Edinburgh wrote all the seven volumes of Harry Potter at The Elephant House, a cafe on George IV bridge. Most of the elements in the Harry Potter universe is inspired by the culture and the rich history of Edinburgh.

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For instance, the cobblestoned shopping area of Diagon Alley is based on the famous bend of Victoria Street. And the name of the main antagonist Voldemort can be found inscribed on a tombstone at Greyfriars Kirkyard graveyard.

The founder of Pop Up Geeks, Linden Wilkinson has promised that Perilous Potions will offer one of the most interactive bar experiences to date. Now coming to the drinks offered, the visitors will select a potion from the menu. After which they will receive a tray of ingredients and a set of instructions that will help them concoct their own cocktails in what resembles a potions class setting.

“Each potion has its own magical effect and the end result will depend entirely on your wizarding ability, however we can guarantee it will always be delicious.” – Linden Wilkinson

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So chances are you might actually turn up into a wizard. If you do, you know who to thank 😉 (whispers – us)

Notably, Pop Up Geeks already have plans for a Rick & Morty based bar and Peaky Blinders in the future. Want to stayed updated on the same? Follow us.

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Meanwhile, if you are a hardcore Potter fan and can’t simply resist the news, plan your Edinburgh trip well in advance.


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