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Top 5 Helpful Tips When You Travel To Madrid
Written by Guest Author on April 16, 2021 Share on

Top 5 Helpful Tips When You Travel To Madrid

Planning to travel to Madrid, Spain, as soon as the Covid-19 situation dies down? Can’t wait to plan your next trip and find the best places to stay and visit? Then these travel tips are for you! 

Madrid is considered to be the most important part of the kingdom of Spain and is definitely on the list of all travel enthusiasts. It’s only fitting that this city is going to be your next destination. 

So, here are five helpful tips when you travel to Madrid:

Know the Best Time to Travel to Madrid

Firstly, decide what time suits you best. Of course, you would have to consider when you choose to request a leave from work and other commitments, and when you do, consider the weather conditions or temperature in Madrid.

We do not recommend that you travel to Madrid during July and August if you’re from a country that remains cold throughout the year and if hot summers are not your cup of tea. The temperature rises up to 40°C during these months, and not everyone will enjoy this kind of heat.

When planning to travel to Madrid in the upcoming winters, know that the temperature stays around 0°C during the colder months, and it does snow a little, especially during December until January.

The best months to travel to Madrid is during the start of May until the end of June or the start of September until the end of October, as the temperature stays around a comfortable 25°C. You will soon realize that this could be the most helpful tip you get from this article so that you won’t be melting under Madrid’s scorching sun when you explore the city.

Find a Nice Yet Affordable Place to Stay

Once you have decided to travel to Madrid, you must settle your accommodation. You can find hostels, hotels, and apartments in Madrid according to your budget.

We recommend you stay in or near the central areas of the city – Sol, Gran Via, and Plaza de España would be the ideal locations. However, accommodations at these places could be expensive, especially during tourist months.

We recommend that you book an apartment for rent using services like Frementa in the area you are looking to stay. An apartment would help you save more money from extra hotel charges and room service. You will have complete privacy, which would guarantee the safety of the valuables you take on your trip.

It is also especially significant to rent an apartment if you are traveling with your family so that you can further lower your costs.

Know the Best Places to Visit in Madrid

When you travel to Madrid, stay ready to be enthralled by all that the city has to offer you. 

Anyone who wants to travel to Madrid must have heard about the Plaza Mayor. The Plaza Mayor was built in the 17th century during King Philip III’s reign. This unique architectural site depicts a three-story residential building with all 237 balconies directly facing the Plaza, which now has numerous restaurants and bars. 

On the other hand, The Museo del Prado is also a tourists’ favorite. The Prado Museum is an art museum with more than 8000 paintings and 700 sculptures. It has more than a hundred rooms and 2300 pieces of the collection. Don’t worry if you won’t be able to visit every place. Just follow the self-guided routes available at the museum, and you are sure to enjoy most of the masterpieces. 

The Fine Arts Museum is also a must-visit in Madrid. It houses nearly a thousand paintings, including several masterpieces created during the 13th century to late 20th century.

Find Delicious Food at Affordable Prices

When you travel to Madrid, you must enjoy the delicious foods that the city has to offer.

One important tip to know is that the best food will be affordable! Please don’t fall into the trap of purchasing mediocre, expensive food at the Plaza Mayor, thinking it would be delicious.

Instead, go to La Latina, and find affordable tapas along with a great environment. Other reasonable and consistently delicious foods are Pez Tortilla, Casa Gonzalez, Casa Labra, and La Colada. 

Enjoy the local cuisine when you travel to Madrid. Still, if you’re searching for some non-Spanish restaurants, then Takos Al Pastor is a great Mexican restaurant, MEAT provides excellent burgers, and Wok Walk is a beautiful Chinese place.  You can also find nearest places in Tripadvisor.

Some Other Tips to Keep in Mind

Public transportation is efficient, affordable, and clean. However, the Metro of Madrid can be a challenge if you are carrying lots of luggage. Most of the stations only have stairs, and carrying the bags up and down the stairs could be a hassle. 

Many tourists visit during the summer months, so it gets crowded. Pickpocketing gets more common during these months, so don’t carry your passport or all your money around. Share these tips with the friends and family you are going with, so they may also remain safe.

Final Thoughts

When you travel to Madrid, expect to indulge in marvelous art galleries, mesmerizing historical and cultural sites, lush gardens, exquisite cuisine, and traditional tapas bars. You will realize that the city deserves all the hype it gets from tourists.