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Henderson wave bridge in the night
Written by Shamanthika on May 13, 2020 Share on

Go up above the sea level – Henderson Waves Bridge in Singapore

Do you wish to see the Panoramic view of Singapore or how about jogging in the evening on a wavy bridge and enjoying the sunset or how about bird watching on a bridge? When in Singapore, you can do both. Wear a pair of jogging shoes, pick up your binoculars, style yourselves with sunglasses, tuck in your headphones, walk or run along the bridge at your own pace. Thirty-six meters above the sea level and 274-meter length, Henderson Waves Bridge is the bridge that resembles the shape of a wave. Its path is curvy and twisty along its entire length. The bridge is intricately designed by world-class architects, anchored by steel arches and curved ribs, the construction is unique in the whole of South Asia. The Henderson Bridge is a part of the Southern bridges trail, which is considered a multifunctional attraction site in Singapore.

The bridge is the most popular weekend spot among the locals as they come here for a relaxed stroll, sometimes they also sit on the pedestrian to rest. The magic begins when the sun sets because the bridge is highlighted by incredible lights from 7 pm. Indeed the best sight is it? To know more about architectural beauty, continue reading…

the wavy Henderson bridge in Singapore
Image Source: Google Images

The Southern Ridges Trail

The Singapore city is hailed as the Greenest City in Asia. So, when you are in the Island nation, take time to explore the Garden city. The green surroundings,  lush environments, rich flora, renewable energy to support, the Southern Ridges is a well-thought-out interconnected system.

The Southern Ridge of Singapore connects Mount Faber, Telok Blangah Hill, Kent Ridge parks, and the Labrador Nature Reserve. The construction of Henderson waves was completed in 2008, simply the most stunning bridges in the trail. The bridge mimics the shape of the waves, with a height of 118 feet above the road, its a stellar beauty. The wave-like design is its most notable feature, which made its unique amongst other bridges in Asia.

Do you know that the walkway is made of Balau wood, which is yellow in color and sourced from sustainable wood? The wave patterns are made with steel ribs forming alcoves, which is eye-candy for any visitor. Thus the bridge connects green spaces and offers recreational experience fro the tourists. 

the Henderson wave bridge
Image Source: Unsplash

Visitor Information

  • Henderson waves bridge is located in the South of Singapore. It is well connected to different parts of the city. You can choose to take any public transportation to reach the Waves bridge.
  • There is a bus stop beneath the bridge, get down at that stop, and take the stairs to reach the bridge.
  • The other way is to take the Mount Faber Park route to the bridge. From the cable car station at Faber Peak, you can walk to the Waves bridge. 

You can jog, walk, dance along with the wavy structure, enjoy the views of the city, harbor,  when on the waves bridge. Thus, Henderson waves bridge is a must-visit when you are holidaying the Singapore City. Do you have Singapore in your travel bucket list? We, at Pickyourtrail help you plan amazing customizable vacations to Singapore. Check out extra-ordinary packages to Singapore and Happy traveling!

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