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Hiking in Australia
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Top-Rated Hikes in Australia – Scale the best of the hiking regions

There are a lot of hike enthusiasts out there and this article is for you. Hiking is no lesser than art. It is all about preparation and self-motivation. Around the world, there are several hiking organizations and groups to take this up. This is because of the health benefits that you come across due to all the physical exertion. For some, it is not only about the health benefits, but it is also about connecting with nature while doing so. There are many hiking trails around the world that provide you with excellent scenic views. Australia is one of the major contributors to having many scenic hiking trails. Australia is one beautiful country with many interesting and some of the best hiking trails in Australia. So this article will be listing out the Top-Rated hikes in Australia. Dive into the article to find more about it.

Hikes in Australia
Image Credits: Toomas Tartes on Unsplash

Top-Rated Hikes in Australia

Walking through the rich wilderness of Australia is something that is mandatory. From the rich bushland with exotic birds to walking along the long shores of the seas, you can become an admirer of the natural beauty of this God-blessed country, just by walking. Plan the best of the hikes in your itinerary with these top-rated hikes in Australia mentioned below.

1. Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory

Experience this Hike at Australia’s magnificent West MacDonnell Range. This hike is a rather challenging one. You can trek up to 16-20 days here as this hiking trail extends up to 223 km. You have got to do extensive preparation for this hike and this is strictly not for beginners. Hiking here will give you a bleak yet beautiful scenery. Hiking will be much easier if the weather is cooler. So plan to pack your bags for a trip to the Red Centre around the April to September time as the climate will be relatively cooler at this time. Planning is a must in this hike and you make sure that you have enough food to complete your hike here if you plan to explore the whole length.

Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory, Australia.
Image Credits: Google Images

2. Mount Gower, Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

On the World-Heritage-listed Lord Howe Island is the 875-metres high Mount Gower. This hiking trail is on the north coast of New South Wales. This is a 14-kilometre roundtrip hiking trail that ascends to the mist forests. This hiking is filled with a botanical garden and wonderful wildlife. There is a restriction on the number of tourists to protect the environment. Along the hiking trails, you can view the neighbouring Mt. Lidgbird, Balls Pyramid which is the world’s largest sea stack and the beautiful lagoon. This hike is one of the moderate hikes which takes 5 hours to ascend and 4 hours to descend. Guided walks here are very famous which gives you an insight into the island’s ecology and history. This will be one of the best hiking trails with one of the best scenic views while hiking, making this one of the top hiking trails in Australia.

Mount Gower, Lord Howe Island, New South Wales
Image Credits: Google Images

3. Cradle Mountain Huts Walk, Tasmania

This is one of the most interesting and spectacular hiking trails in Australia. Falling under the World Heritage areas of Australia, The Cradle Mountain is one of the best hiking trails you can experience in Australia. There are 2 separate routes which are two hiking options. One is a challenging 6-day hike where one has to actually prepare and it is for the ones who have a good amount of time in their hands. The other option is the easier option which is the 4-day hike through these terrains. You will be able to spot the rainforests and even explore that on both the hiking routes. Explore the magnificent waterfalls in the vast spread grassland. Go ahead and experience the beauty of the Cradle mountain hiking routes.

Cradle Mountain Huts Walk, One of the top-Rated hikes in Australia
Image Credits: Google Images

4. Great Ocean Walk, Victoria

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most scenic drives in Australia is also one great hiking experience. Take the trip along with one of the most scenic coastlines of the world. This will be an eight-day hike which stretches up to 104 km going through Port Campbell and Otway National Park from the Apollo Bay. One of the major highlights of this hike is the skirting of the country’s highest sea cliffs. The Wreck beach walk will be a little challenging. The best time to take this hike is between June and September as you will be able to spot whales in the sea. The most famous stretch of the Great Ocean Walk will be between Princetown and Glenample. Take a clifftop path over there to view the most famous 12 Apostles.

Coastline of the Great Ocean Walk, The most Marvellous and one of the top rated hikes in Australia
Image Credits: Google Images

5. Scenic Rim Trail, Queensland

If you go to the South-East Queensland, go to the Main Range National Park. The best hike that you will take when you visit Australia is the 4-day hike in the Scenic Rim Trail. You will get to explore some of the most unique wildlife and vegetation while hiking in this trail. In this country, most of the travellers will be attracted to the rituals of the indigenous tribes. Walk with the locals in this place to get to know more and walk through the ancient volcanic plateaus and mountains and also forests. This is a must walk hike if you are anywhere near the South-East Queensland. This will be fun and also informative at the same time. You will love the natural beauty of the hiking trail and also the scenic views.

Scenic Rim Trail, Queensland, Australia
Image Credits: Google Images

6. The Maria Island Walk, Tasmania

If you want to enjoy the tranquil time in Australia, you should definitely take the Maria Island Walk in Tasmania. Just a few kilometres away from the east coast of Tasmania, This is just a spectacular walk along the coastline with sightings of certain rare wildlife. This is surely a must-do hike if you are in Tasmania. This will surely uplift your total experience of your trip and this experience certainly will not let you down. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the coast of Tasmania with this absolutely wonderful trek. This is one of the main reasons that this is in the top-rated hikes in Australia.

The painted mountains at the Maria Island Walk, Tasmania
Image Credits: Google Images

Hope you have known about all the famous hiking hotspots of Australia from this article. This will surely help you out in planning your trip to Australia in a much better way. Visit the Pickyourtrail website to check out on the exciting Australia Tour Packages. Also do keep following the travel-related articles on our website.

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