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Waterfall in Mauritius
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Hiking at Tamarind Falls Mauritius: A Must for Adventure Seekers!

Hiking, Cliff jumping, Canyoning are some words that come to mind when you talk about Tamarind Falls in Mauritius. Tucked away in the south-west part of the island country, Tamarind Falls are a staggering combination of waterfalls, rivers, lush green mountains and dense forests like no other. Originating from Rivière Tamarin, this gorgeous waterfall is sought after by travellers far and wide. Commonly known with the moniker “Sept Cascades”, is a serenade to nature enthusiasts.

Image Credits: Pixabay

The Tamarind Falls is a beautiful canyon, probably one of the best in the country. What makes it worth is a variety of activities and million-dollar views it offers. The list of things to do here is so long as its 11 waterfalls, greenery to the farthest your eyes can see and a bomb combination of adventure combined. Hiking at Tamarind Falls is the most preferred activity but not an easy one as it is situated in a hard to locate regions of Mauritius. You definitely need an experts advice, read more on the things to know before your hiking trip.

Best time to visit

Tamarind Falls is a year-round destination and anytime is the best time to visit it. However, January to March is the hottest months with temperatures ranging between 22ºC – 28ºC, still pleasant weather than India. The falls are located in the Black River Gorges National Park, home to many more wonders along with Tamarind Falls.

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Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Hiking at Tamarind Falls – Things to know before you plan that hike!

  • Hiking in Tamarind Hills is of 2 types, you can either opt for a full day hike or a half-day hike depending on your preference. A certified guide is usually recommended as the trail is not well established. 
  • The hike is moderate and fun but is certainly not for the faint-hearted. If you are afraid of heights, you might want to skip the hike. 
  • The minimum age requirement for this hike is 12 years and above. 
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Fun while you Hike!

  • It is a good 6-hour hike through the steep rocks and lush green vegetation. At the seventh fall, the last one, you will be welcomed with a panoramic view of the basin (60 metres high) and the beautiful lagoon.
  • At every step of these waterfalls, you can choose to swim in the cool lagoon or even indulge in some canyoning from one waterfall to the other, needless to say, the safety gear will be provided if you wish to abseil these waterfalls. 
  • This hike is also apt for some cliff jumping if you are an adventure junkie. The distance between the first and second waterfall is just 7-10 metres, making it easier and safe to try your hand at some cliff jumping. P.s: Guide supervision is still required.
  • The Tamarind Hills are also a great spot to view the breathtakingly beautiful Le Morne Brabant, the famed UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will get plenty of possibilities for nature photography on your hike here.
Image Credits: Unsplash

Mauritius is notorious for leisure vacations along the powdery white sand beaches and spending days engaged in lazing around the coast close to the resorts, a hike down these 7 cascades will add that pinch of rejuvenation you needed to get back to your busy life. Why wait, plan your trip with Pickyourtrail in less than 2 mins with a variety of Mauritius honeymoon trip packages or Mauritius holiday packages from India to choose from.

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