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Hiking in Geneva

I know folks whose new year resolution is almost, every time around getting fit, exercising more, eating healthy and the like. In the current hustle and bustle, we are in yearly gym memberships are brought, but not visited. But everybody loves taking a hike, with family, friends or kids alike, and depending on the group the difficulty level varies. Hiking is also becoming a popular weekend activity for families to spend time together. 

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Hiking in Switzerland

Hiking, as must-do in vacations, has gained popularity in recent years. Folks hike to breathe in the fresh air and also for the magnificent views the mountains offer. Switzerland, to me, is the ideal spot for hiking vacations- with the view of the alps and quaint towns that are home to these mountain peaks. Hiking in Switzerland is suggested around mild winters with the snow-capped mountains and also around Autumn with the bright colours adorning the mountain forests.  

Geneva Hiking Trails 

Geneva, the worldwide centre for diplomacy, is one of the popularly visited cities in Switzerland. The majestic mountains surrounding the city makes it a popular hub for hiking experiences. Apart from being a wonderful experience, this also paves the way to explore the natural beauty of Switzerland and also a smart way to save cost on Public transportation. 

We have listed below some of the best hiking trails around Geneva. Get ready to experience crystal clear waters, wildlife and Postcard worth Swiss beauty. 

Lake Geneva Hiking 

Lake Geneva offers plenty of nature protection areas around the lake with miles of hiking trails to explore. The best part of this hiking is that you can combine it with a boat trip on Lake Geneva. You get to hike and also experience one of the old steamships on the lake. 

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Salève Hiking 

The Salève is also called as Geneva’s “house mountain”. This is the most popular hiking trails in Geneva and it is rightly called a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers alike. This is frequently visited by folks who enjoy sports like a toboggan, Nordic Ski, paragliding and mountain biking. 

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Terrasses de Lavaux 

This is an easy hike which trails across the Lavaux region. You pass through vineyards and offers great views of Lac Leman. You start your hike at St. Saphorin, which is about an hour’s train ride from Geneva. 

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How to reach the Hiking trails 

A question commonly asked, almost all hiking trails are easily accessible by Public transportation. Most of the hiking trails are also accessible by Car. Some hiking trails, including the Saleve, can be reached by walking from the Saleve Telepherique. 

Hiking fees 

The entrance fees to the hiking trails range up to 100 USD per person. There are few trails which are free of charge as well. There are few companies which offer free guided tours on specific days for beginners. You can choose to hike with a company or take the trail alone, there is no better way to do some soul searching. 

Best time to hike in Geneva 

Our favourite time to hike would be around Spring when the Earth is alive with sound and colours. The beginning of winter gives the best views of snow-capped mountains and Autumn showcases the wild colours of the forest. Folks can choose to hike at any time of the day, as per their comfort and convenience. 

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