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South Africa's beautiful coast
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10 Historical Landmarks – A Must Visit When in South Africa

Let’s get to know what are the top famous landmarks of South Africa and as many and as varied as the country’s landscapes, people and culture.

1. Table Mountain

Beautiful Table Mountain
Image Credits: Google Images

You can stand at the V&A Waterfront and lookup for Table Mountain’s iconic flat top to loom above you. This Natural Wonder of the World is no doubt South Africa’s most famous landmark. Head to the top for the best views of the Mother City. Spend a few days or weeks exploring the Cape, in a perfect accommodation in Cape Town for your holiday. It is one of the best places to visit in South Africa.

2.Robben Island

Robben Island
Image Credits: Google Images

Don’t forget this UNESCO World Heritage Site off your list of famous landmarks in South Africa. This is the most well-known place where Nelson Mandela served 18 of his 27 jail years. Robben Island has also served as a leper colony and animal quarantine station. The current tour guides are former inmates of this prison and a visit to this place starts with a ferry ride from the V&A Waterfront, repeatedly makes top 10 lists of things to do in South Africa.

3.Muizenberg’s beach huts

Muizenberg's beautiful beach
Image Credits: Google Images

Cape Town’s iconic stretch of colourful beach huts are on the coast of Muizenberg Beach. The Victorian ‘bathing machines’ that wheeled women to the water’s edge, they feature in just about all Cape Town-related advertising. One of the best spots for Surfers, if you’re into watersports, do book your accommodation in Muizenberg and come and surf our waves.

4.Cape Dutch homesteads of the Winelands

Capetown Winelands
Image Credits: Google Images

Prominent central dormer gables, white-washed walls, dark grey thatch, large wooden front doors with a window above the door, evenly spaced half windows on either side, these are the homes of the original Dutch settlers. The Cape Winelands are beautiful, and distinctly South African.

5.Southernmost Tip of Africa

Southernmost tip of Africa - L'Agulhus
Image Credits: Google Images

Contrary to the general belief that all of us have, Africa’s southernmost tip on the peninsula of Cape Town, but a little further east at L’Agulhas. Have your photo taken at this most famous landmark in South Africa, Cape Agulhas has always been on the list for most visitors to the Western Cape.

6.Hole in the Wall

Hole in the wall in South Africa
Image Credits: Google Images

In South Africa, this is one of the most unusual holes in a rock on the Wild Coast just south of Coffee Bay. The local Xhosa people call it Izi Khaleni, place of thunder, as in certain tides and seasons water claps against the rock loudly. 

7.Constitution Hill

Constitution Hill in South Africa
Image Credits: Google Images

Don’t miss the chance to visit the seat of the Constitutional Court of South Africa for an overview of the country’s apartheid history. Equally moving and inspiring exhibitions are split over four locations at Constitution Hill. You can also stay a few days to explore Jozi, so book one of our places to stay in Johannesburg.

8.Cradle of Humankind

Cradle of Humankind - South Africa
Image Credits: Google Images

Don’t miss Maropeng, the visitors centre at the Cradle of Humankind that showcases some of the world’s most exciting hominid discoveries. Designed in the shape of a burial mound, the interactive exhibits about the history of life are excellent. Try to spend a week in this gorgeous region and there are plenty of great Magaliesburg accommodation options.

9.Union Buildings

Union Buildings- South Africa
Image Credits: Google Images

This English monumental style sandstone building, the Union Buildings by architect Herbert Baker, has been likened to a modern-day Acropolis. It has a slight arch towards the east and west wings curve to embrace the statue of Nelson Mandela. Explore our Administrative Capital and book a weekend or a few nights at accommodation in Pretoria.

10.Voortrekker Monument

Voortrekker Monument in South Africa
Image Credits: Google Images

This giant monolith is a tribute to the pioneering history of the Afrikaner and one of 10 top cultural attractions. The friezes on the building of the Voortrekker Monument look magnificent and the climb to the top well worth it for the views over Pretoria. The cenotaph is the central focus. Time your visit for 12 o’clock on 16 December and a ray of sunlight shines through an opening onto specific words.

11.Drakensberg Amphitheatre

Drakensberg Amphitheatre in South Africa
Image Credits : Google Images

This incredible wall of mountain is fast giving Table Mountain a run for its money when its South Africa’s landmarks. Drawing photographers, hikers and outdoor lovers, alike it forms the natural boundary between South Africa and the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. Book accommodation in Drakensberg. You’ll want to spend a few days here, if not a week or two!

12.Bourke’s Luck Potholes

Bourke's Rock Potholes in South Africa
Image Credits: Google Images

You can’t visit Mpumalanga and not go to visit these highly unusual cylindrical rock sculptures hewn by the swirling eddies of the Treur River where it meets the Blyde River, the combined tumult too much for the white, yellow and dark brown bands of rock. Find them on the Panorama Route. It is an experience that should not be missed in South Africa.

Travel Tips To Plan Your Vacation To South Africa

  1. For amazing weather and jam-packed events, plan your vacation to South Africa in the summer months. This can be anytime between November to February, when the days are warm with temperatures about mid-eighties and dropping to about mid-sixties at night.
  2. If you’re looking out for a safari trip to South Africa, then book your flights in the country’s winter months. This can be anytime between June to August, when the temperatures drop to about mid-forties making the safari drive in the Kruger National Park a better experience.
  3. During autumn (March to May) and spring (September to October) you’ll find cheap and affordable flights with fewer tourists at the top attractions.

South Africa seems like home to all its visitors! You must definitely visit this place at least once in your life. You will experience pleasant weather, affordability, amazing beaches, vast wildlife, delicious wine and food, and breathtaking scenery everywhere you go! I’m sure after all this reading you are already excited to start planning your trip to South Africa! Plan your itinerary with PickYourTrail and never miss out on these top must-visit places in South Africa to enjoy a memorable vacation with your loved ones! Happy Vacation!

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