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holidays from australia
Written by Farheen on July 22, 2020 Share on

Holidays From Australia: Best Countries To Fly To From Down Under

It’s no mystery that residing in Australia can leave you feeling a tab bit separated from the rest of the globe. Until recently, it’s been nearly unachievable to knock off the travel bucket list we all have deep within us. Thankfully in current years, we have been granted with budget airlines! We can finally meet the rest of the world and hit those travel goals. Find below the best choices for budget holidays from Australia.

Top Holidays From Australia


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Japan is a good choice for a holiday from Australia. It is a diverse case when it comes to calculating the cost of travel. For example, things such as stay can be on the pricier side but the price of food will even it out. Especially if you are up to taste some delicious and affordable street food. A pot of ramen surely won’t take the $17AU it might in Australia, that’s for certain. Flights can be very low if you keep an eye on the budget airlines offers and grasp on the best deal.


Thailand charming spot is well-deserving of a visit and the fact that it’s dirt cheap to arrive to, eat-in and stay in is just an advantage. Either tour the great metropolitan cities such as Bangkok or travel down to the tranquil and remarkable island of Phi Phi for crystal blue waters and a quieter paced life. Grabbing a beer and snack in Thailand will place you back on average about $7AU (or lower if you’re ready to go street food way).


There’s a lot to adore about Cambodia. For example, the food, the friendly people, even some can say the size. It’s little enough to move all around and see most of the country on a firm budget. Not to consider the average meal will only take you back around $6AU, or half that for their fabulous street food.


bali holidays from australia
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Bali can be insanely inexpensive to get to, particularly if you’re from the West Coast of Australia. Hence, it is a famous destination to holiday from Australia. Once you’re there, you can affordably get a lovely villa with a separate pool for you and some friends for half as much as you’d spend for a hotel room in Australia. Depending on which area you’re staying around, food can be extremely fair too – a little more expensive in the more popular touristy sections but still making for a budget vacation.

New Zealand

new zealand holidays from australia
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New Zealand is the southern hemisphere’s Switzerland. This gorgeous destination has an abundance of snow-capped glaciers and lush grassy scenic hills a very accessible reality for Aussies. Hence, it is the number one destination to holiday from Australia. It is not too different from Australia in times of your everyday expenses, so keep that in judgment when forming a budget for your trip. But if you keep a lookout for offers, you can get amazing deals on flight travel to make up for it. Check out Air Bnbs to keep your stay costs low for your trip to remarkable New Zealand.


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You will have to book ahead of time for a country such as Fiji. It’s unusual that you’ll get a bargain last-minute offer so think about scheduling your flights much in advance. Another way to visit magnificent Fiji on a budget is to choose an island and stay only on that island. Island hopping is quite expensive as the boat transfers from one island to another come at a hefty cost. If you’re planning on spending your days snorkelling and unwinding on the sandy beaches or by the bar, backpacker hostels are a very economical way to holiday in Fiji.


This one might seem a little out of the way, considering how distant it is from Australia. As of the last year or two, budget airlines have been delivering some astonishing prices for return flights to and from Hawaii. Once you arrive there, the cost of living isn’t too diverse from Australia, but it’s Hawaii! In conclusion, it is an unusual but awesome holiday from Australia.


Vietnam is one of those amazing countries that is very affordable to both fly into and live in. Food and drinks are as affordable as a bag of chips. It will cost you about $5AU for some tasty chow. Hotels are extremely affordable and we’re fortunate enough to have some good budget alternatives in terms of flights too. Hence, the travel expenses is not much. Once you’ve arrived into the country, there is not much to worry about and it certainly won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

In conclusion, Australia has opened up any barriers that hinder you from travelling to other parts of the world from the country. You can choose any country to add to along your Australia vacation. Check out PickyourTrail‘s Australia travel packages from India and find out the best-suited package for you. Drop a Whatsapp inquiry to know more about which country you can add to your Australia trip to knock off more travel goals.

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