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Homestay’s in Guwahati- Our Top 10 Picks

Travel is evolving with homestays in the picture. To feel at home even when you’re in a new place is what most travelers anticipate while on vacation. The picturesque city of Guwahati has a galore of these wonderful and welcoming homestays. If all you can think about is sipping some piping hot Assam Chai while chilling in your balcony overlooking the Brahmaputra River, keep reading!

Here’s a carefully curated list of the top ten homestays in Guhawati that will make you feel at home instantly-

Ashirwad Homestay

This is hands-down on the best places to stay in Guwahati. With impeccably designed interiors that reflect traditional and contemporary features, Ashirwad makes you comfortable instantly. It is set right in the heart of the city which makes it all the more comfortable to access the city. The rooms are air-conditioned and you can enjoy home-cooked meals at the in house kitchen. You can also avail taxi services at the reception when you want to explore the city.

Average cost per night: INR 1600
Address: Google Maps

Madhumita Homestay

Finding a place within the city that gives you a dose of greenery is super rare. Madhumita Homestay is a spacious loft that is surrounded by greenery and it also has a terrace garden. It is a wonderful place to sit out and enjoy the views of the city. If you are looking for a place with kitchen access, you should check this place out.

Average cost per night: INR 1200
Address: Google Maps

Rhan’s Homestay

Guhawati homestay
Image source: Google Images

This colossal four-bedroom bungalow is a perfect abode if you are traveling with family or as a group. Two rooms offer garden views and you can choose to cook your own meals or have the host provide food during your stay. It’s a conveniently located property making it easy to go around the city.

Average cost per night: Varies with Check-in date
Address: Google Maps

Prabhakar Homestay

Prabhakar homestay is a popular place to stay in Guhawati. The elegant decor and ambiance of this place have led to its feature in National Geographic Traveler for being one of the best homestays in Assam. This 5 bedroom property comes with WiFi, babysitting services, and sightseeing tours. You can also enjoy home-cooked meals during your stay.

Average cost per night: INR 5500
Address: Google Maps

Eagle Nest Homestay

The location of this property makes it a great place to set base. You can access restaurants, retail stores, and the Deepor Beel very easily from this property. They have air-conditioned rooms and they also provide taxi and tour services making it all the more comfortable.

Average cost per night: INR 1900
Address: Google Maps

Tusti Homestay

Homestay Guhawati
Image source: Google Images

This is a great Airbnb option while you’re in Guhawati. It is located in the residential neighborhood of Brahmaputra River. This two-bedroom bungalow is ideal if you are traveling with family or as a group. You can have access to the common areas and the city is easily accessible from this property as well.

Average cost per night: INR 3200
Address: Google Maps

Debojani Ashralaya Homestay

This is probably one of the most economical and comfortable places to stay in Guhawati. This BnB offers a private room for two adults and a dormitory that can accommodate up to 5 members. You also get complimentary breakfast with your stay and you can order lunch and dinner at an additional cost. The focal point of this property is the flower garden on the terrace which is absolutely adorable.

Average cost per night: INR 900
Address: Google Maps

Saikia Nest The Homestay

Located right in the city center, Saikia Nest is a great place for any kind of traveler. You get complimentary Irish/English breakfast with your booking and they also have a communal lounge where you can relax.

Average cost per night: INR 2100
Address: Google Maps

Tamanna’s Home

Tama nnas home guwahati
Image source: Google Images

This is a popular Airbnb in Guwahati. This spacious 3 bedroom loft also features a mini gym. Tamanna’s Homestay can accommodate up to 10 guests making it an ideal property for people traveling in groups.

Average cost per night: INR 1100
Address: Google Maps

Eastin Homestay

This property is close to the major attractions like the city park. This one bedroom property is a cozy place to stay while you’re in Guhawati. You can also hire a bicycle for free for up to an hour.

Average cost per night: INR 2000
Address: Google Maps

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