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Best Homestays in North East India

Tourism is not just about going to a place, seeing its attractions, enjoying the views and clicking pictures. It is more than that. Tourism is an emotion. An emotion that connects us with the locals, understands their lifestyle, feels their culture, relishes their cuisine and cherishing all these memories for a lifetime. A big integral part of tourism in India is occupied by the northeast region of the country. North East India is filled with amazing landscaped and tourist spots that attract travellers from the country and beyond. If you really want to feel the true essence of tourism while exploring the Northeastern part of India, then homestays are the best options for stay. Keep reading to know more about the homestays in North-east India. 

Here’s a list of the most recommended homestays in the North-east that will make you pack your bags right away. 

Homestays in Sikkim

Homestays n Sikkim
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Limboo Homestay, Yuksom

Located at about 1780 m, the Yuksom is the ancient capital of Sikkim. It is a must-visit place when it comes to Sikkim. It’s a calm and peaceful getaway for those who want to escape crowds and enjoy nature. 

If you are looking to stay at Yuksom, then the LimbooHomestay is the best option. This beautiful and comfortable homestay is run by Ms Rani Limboo and her family. The stunning views of the mountains from your cosy room will leave you speechless. The Food served here is delicious and nutritious. Ms Limboo makes sure that your dishes are refilled until you have eaten enough. The love and care shown are truly out of your imagination.  Ms Limboo also has ab organic vegetable garden nearby. In case you show great interest in the garden, there are high chances that you might be taken a tour around them. 

 Homestay Lake View Nest, Pelling

Pelling is the second most visited town in Sikkim after Gangtok. This homestay in Pelling as the name suggests, it offers a stunning view of the lake. It is nestled between a lake and the Himalayan ranges. This homestay also offers an excellent view of the valley. The doors of the rooms open into a courtyard. It is run by Chumdan and this place is bucolic and tranquil.

Chalamthang Homestay, Singtam

If you are that traveller who is curious to witness the Sikkimese rural lifestyle, enjoy their organic food and folklore, then Chalamthang Homestay is the perfect place for your stay. Mr Amrit owns and overlooks the activities of the homestay. The Homestay is strictly Vegetarian and so, non-veg foods aren’t allowed inside. Even if you are a hardcore Non-veg fan person, you are sure to love the vegetarian food served here. 

The Highlight of this homestay is the “Machan”. This Aesthetically decorated Machan offers great views of the valleys and snow-capped mountains. In 2016 the Chalamthang Homestay received the award of the best homestay in Sikkim. 

Homestays in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal pradesh tribe in North East India
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Abasa Homestay, Siro Village

This Homestay is located at about 3 km from Hapoli Town. It is indeed a bumpy ride from the main town, however, it is worthy of your time and effort. This homestay is maintained by an Alpatani Family and it is the right place to get to know more about their lifestyle. The rooms are very neat and comfortable and you also have the options on what food you prefer (Vegan, Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian). This homestay may seem expensive for a solo traveller. But, if you are travelling as a couple or as a family then this homestay is cost-efficient than any other hotels. 

Tenzin Homestay, Tawang

Getting a stay with stunning views and of good quality is a bit difficult when it comes to being in outskirts fo any town/city. But Tenzin is here to help you if you want to stay somewhere near Tawang. The Tenzin Homestay is probably one of the most friendly and generous Homestays of all. Their love and care for their guests are immense. They also help you in getting along with local people – understanding their history and culture. 

Homestays in Meghalaya and Assam

People of North East India
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Pine Hill Homestay, Shillong

This Homestay is located in Upper Shillong and gives ease of access to Cherapunji as well as the Dawki border. It is also located close to Elephant Falls. This is far beyond the crowd of the Shillong’s main bazaar.  The hosts are very friendly and they offer great service to all their guests. 

Prabhakar Homestay, Guwahati

This charming Guest House is a mini-luxury for travellers travelling to North-east India. It is located in a beautiful valley along with a splendid garden. This is a 4-room property and the owners, Shiela and Mahesh just live downstairs. They are available at any time to help you. 

Homestays in Nagaland

Nagas in North East India
Source: Google Images

Longchen Homestay, Dimapur

Your stay herein Dimapur is more than enough to make your trip to Nagaland a memorable one. The hospitality and the knowledgable interaction of the owner Ms Annie are praised by everyone who stayed here. She’s the best person to advise on the activities that can be done in the locality. This traditional Naga-style is beautiful and offers a whole new experience. 

Greenwood Villa, Kohima

If you have made plans to visit Nagaland during the Hornbill festival, then Greenwood Villa is the ideal place to stay. The spacious rooms and its proximity to the festival location have increased the demand for this homestay. This homestay is run by Nino. She is a very knowledgable person and her skills as a guide is unmatchable.

These best homestays in North East India not just offers you an excellent opportunity to observe and understand the lifestyle and customs of local communities, but it also provides a unique opportunity to stay with the local people in their homes. Except for a few, homestays are usually easy on the pocket. Check out the various vacation packages by reaching out to us. Hope you found this article helpful. For more suggestion on places to visit in North-east India, keep reading Pickyourtrail blogs.

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