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Written by Kajani Shivam on June 26, 2023 Share on

Honeymoon Destinations Outside India In March 2023 – High On Love!

Done with your boring soo long solo life? Planning to get hitched at the beginning of 2023? If yes, first of all, congratulations and secondly you have landed on the right page. As soon as the marriage talks arrive, the honeymoon talks also get placed. All of us must have dreamt about a dream honeymoon destination, right? And yes, there are some breathtaking romantic honeymoon destinations outside India which could bring your romantic side with its sparkling beauty. But still, if you aren’t sure about where exactly to plan your honeymoon in 2023, here is a lifeline to help you out. Yes, have a read to find out the top honeymoon destinations outside India in March 2023. It’s time to get romantic!

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Honeymoon Destinations Outside India In March 2023

Now get ready to light up the March month with all your love! We here at Pickyourtrail have exclusively curated a list of top ten honeymoon destinations outside India in March 2023 to pour all your love on your better half. Have a read and pick your favourite!

  • Maldives
  • Italy
  • France
  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland
  • Indonesia
  • Mauritius
  • South Africa
  • Germany
  • Seychelles

1. Maldives

A couple in Maldives
Image Credits: Unsplash

Maldives and honeymoon, deadly combo, huh? The crystal clear beaches, water villas in Maldives, swaying palm trees and picture-perfect romantic views make the Maldives an ideal honeymoon destination. You can simply chill around the beaches, take a relaxing spa treatment, enjoy watersports and end your day with a romantic dinner. Even though the Maldives is a year-round destination, the March month gives you a better opportunity to spot sharks and lets you indulge in several activities. So yes, Maldives is undoubtedly one of the top honeymoon destinations outside India in March 2023 with all required safety measures taken.

2. Italy

A click in Italy
Image Credits: Unsplash

Italy has been and still is one of the most loved honeymoon destinations in the world for ages. This beautiful country is full of romance, every nook and corner adds colour to your honeymoon vacation. Let it be taking the passionate Gondola ride in Venice, tasting the lip-smacking pizzas in Naples, shopping in Milan, or posing for the million-dollar worth click in front of the best historic sites in Rome, Italy has it all covered. Also, not to forget places such as Lake Como, Amalfi and Florence which will truly light up your romantic mood!

3. France

A couple in France
Image Credits: Unsplash

Well, well…how can you not talk about the country of romance? Yes, France definitely deserves to be in the list of top honeymoon destinations outside India in March 2023. And yes, you knew it, you can never miss visiting the City of Lights! You can take your lady love to the iconic Eiffel Tower, walk around Paris, admire the artworks at the Louvre Museum, get frozen in love in Chamonix and many more. In addition, make sure you also have a look at Cannes, Nice and Lyon.

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4. New Zealand

Roys Peak
Image Credits: Unsplash

New Zealand is one of the most eye-catching places in the world. Imagine you being with your forever one with a country which is filled with brilliant nature views, wildlife, yummy dishes, tastiest wines, and fun-filled activities. Sounds perfect, huh? Now, that’s New Zealand for you! A perfect 9 day New Zealand honeymoon itinerary can give you all the chills and thrills which you have been waiting for!

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5. Switzerland

A click in Zermatt
Image Credits: Unsplash

Since the release of the famous Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge movie, many of us always wanted to visit Switzerland with our loved one, right? And yes, make your dream come true by planning your honeymoon in Switzerland. Get ready to recreate the magic of Simran and Raj by roaming around the lush green areas, taking a ride in Rhine Falls and what not! Get ready to blend with your soulmate with the beauty of Switzerland.

6. Indonesia

A click in Bali
Image Credits: Unsplash

The sixth one to enter the list of honeymoon destinations outside India in March 2023 is Indonesia. Looking for an all in one country for a perfect honeymoon experience? Well, you better choose Indonesia. Picture – perfect places, luxury villas, super fun activities, mouth-melting dishes, beautifully carved temples, and sparkling beaches will make every minute of your honeymoon exciting.

7. Mauritius

A couple in beach
Image Credits: Unsplash

This magical island holds the credit of being one of the most-wanted honeymoon destinations for ages. The waves are quite enough to make you fall at your best romantic mood. Imagine lying under the palm tree at the beach with your soulmate, with a fine drink where the gentle breeze touches you romanticly. Ahh, can’t be any romantic, huh? You can definitely choose Mauritius if you have always dreamt to have your honeymoon on an island. I am sure you won’t regret choosing Mauritius.

8. South Africa

A couple in forest
Image Credits: Unsplash

South Africa can be the best honeymoon destinations outside India in March 2023 if you are looking to add a touch of wildlife and adventure in your honeymoon. If you are an adventurous couple, you can ultimately go for it! From long drives to shark cage diving, South Africa will literally give you goosebumps. Set some crazy goals and make it happen with your partner. It’s time to go crazyyyyy with your love!

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9. Germany

A couple in Germany
Image Credits: Unsplash

Want a fairytale honeymoon experience? You have the glorious Germany here! The country has got a never-ending charm which could be the forever spell for all the honeymoon couples. The iconic monuments and the beautiful castles will give you the perfect feel to start your “together forever” in Germany. Also, if you are a couple who are interested in architecture, you can never find a better place than Germany. In addition, some of the top attractions for honeymooners are Bamberg, Moselle Valley and Berchtesgaden.

10. Seychelles

A couple holding hands in waves
Image Credits: Unsplash

And yes, the final one to enter the list of top honeymoon destinations outside India in March 2023 is Seychelles. The glittering beaches, exotic water villas, romantic dinner moments, golden sunsets, delicious dishes, water activities and the glowing nature spots will make Seychelles a perfect honeymoon destination. Get ready to set back and enjoy with your special one by choosing the more than a perfect destination, Seychelles.

Can’t wait to plan your honeymoon to one of these destinations? Well, then quickly start planning your honeymoon for a “FOREVER”. To make your planning easier, have a look at the Pickyourtrail website and check on the International tour packages.

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