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A picture of a couple posing in Iceland
Written by Preetha Manivelan on June 5, 2020 Share on

My Honeymoon To Europe – Quenched The Thirst Of Having A Dream Vacation to Iceland and Paris

There can be so many places to plan your honeymoon to but Iceland will make your trip, a dream vacation. Right from big cubes of ice on the black sand to driving along everything capped with snow, this beautiful country has every element to make you fall in love with it. Besides being a beautiful land itself, it has the sweetest people on earth. Now add this to the recipe along with the beautiful city of Paris to cook an amazing vacation to Europe. Here are our travellers Ramesh Satyaprem and Meghana who are part of a long list of people who went on their honeymoon to Europe with Pickyourtrail describing their experience.

An amazing picture of diamond beach taken in Iceland, Europe

Let us now read their incredible experience which will virtually take us to this wonderland.

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About the planning of my honeymoon to Europe

When the talks about our honeymoon trip came up, we started to think of the destination. We had so many options as this trip is once in a lifetime moment for anyone. Out of all the options, we had to deprioritize a few. After all the shortlisting, what we could not take off our mind was Iceland and that’s how it started. Next came, choosing the trip planner. More than how confused we were about the destination, choosing the travel planner was even more difficult. We went through so many options and finally landed in the page of Pickyourtrail. I got in touch with the team and they helped me customize the itinerary. Since the first impression was good and I thoroughly liked the itinerary, we went ahead with booking our honeymoon to Europe with Pickyourtrail.

A picture of a couple sitting with ice cubes in Iceland

We started planning for our honeymoon to Europe in the month of November to fly in the month of February. It was a 7 nights trip to this beautiful country with 6 nights at Reykjavik and 1 night in Paris. Here are a few interesting things Meghana and I have to share that Iceland has to offer.

Days at Iceland

To start the month with love, in the month of love, we set our foot on this magical land on 1st February 2020. As soon as we reached, the driver picked us up to the hotel. In a way of making us feel comfortable, the rooms were neat enough for us to just jump on. Since it was a leisure day, we took good rest and already started feeling excited for northern lights, planned for the next day.


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We visited the northern lights to witness the magic of colours all over the sky. It was mindblowing enough to leave someone stunned.

A picture of a lady standing with Northern lights as a backdrop

Followed by the Northern lights, we had our Blue Lagoon, the next day and Blue Ice cave tour, the day after. We still can’t forget the experience of Blue Lagoon which became the best experience overall. On the final day at Reykjavik, we marked our footprints on the black sand beach. That moment we realised that Black is purely an emotion.

Days at Paris

After 6 days of magic, we finally landed in the city of love. You can visit Paris for any number of reasons, for any number of times but it would only be complete if it includes paying a visit to the Eiffel tower. It was so beautiful and an amazing sight to behold. With a heart full of happy memories for life, we took off from Paris to India on 7th February 2020.


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Our most favourite activity

It will be so difficult for anyone to select one favourite activity since everything was beautiful in its own way. If you still ask me, then it would be blue lagoons for sure. It is one of the most iconic places to visit and relax in the midst of your vacation.

A picture of a couple enjoying Blue lagoon in Iceland

The most amazing part of the trip

Everything about Iceland was so beautiful but if you ask what took our heart away was travelling within this land. For every activity, that we had to travel from place to place, we found those times really amazing. Besides loving to having each other next to us, the roads surrounded completely with ice and capped with pure white snow was soothing our souls. It is one of the best experiences that Iceland has to gift you with.

Every road in Iceland is so beautiful! Witnessing the snow-capped mountains with water flowing in between.

Why Europe can be a perfect choice?

I and my life went on a honeymoon trip to Europe and it will forever be one of the best things happened. We planned only a day in France which was enough to witness the beauty of the tall standing Iron lady. Apart from that, it was all about Ice and Iceland. Though we did not plan much in other places in Europe, Iceland itself was worthy of making our visit memorable. We knew its something different and unique unlike any other country in Europe. If you think it is only witnessing ice and snow, you are wrong. You will surely be surprised by the sheer number of things to experience in Iceland with your loved ones.

Standing shoulder to shoulder <3

A couple standing on the roads of Iceland in Europe

Why Pickyourtrail?

Adding to the beauty of the destination, Pickyourtrail provided a great service. I don’t really know how many of them would have already visited Iceland but I must say, the knowledge the team had about the destination was extremely beneficial. This shows their intention in providing the best trip to their customers. No matter what time of the day it is, we never received a delayed response. They were super-quick and very helpful. Right from the planning, we were overwhelmed by the response from the team. Our travel planner who we planned the itinerary with, was very supportive and provided a wide range of options. This indeed made us realize how the rest of the vacation will be. Pickyourtrail never disappointed us. Overall it was a great experience. Thanks to the entire team of Pickyourtrail.

Where to next?

We have already started to think of our next trip with these amazing guys. About the destination, it would be Africa. Can’t wait to have one more beautiful experience to add in our travel diaries.

Now, you should have known the reason behind all the hype on visiting this beautiful country. Honeymoon itself is special but if it is an Iceland honeymoon, it’s something extra special. When just reading about Europe can be so exciting, why not make your own way to this wonderland. All you have to do is, click on the Europe Honeymoon Packages and let us know if it needs to be customized. We are here to help you craft an amazing vacation for life with seamless customer support and hassle-free vacation.

Get your travel started to Iceland with Pickyourtrail! 🙂

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